BACD: Prioritising Equality, Driving Excellence

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BACD President Chris McConnell celebrates dental diversity

There are more female dentists graduating each year than male – the General Dental Council (GDC) reports that for registrants in December 2021, 51.5% of dentists were female. In what has traditionally been a predominately male profession, this is definitely encouraging.

However, dentistry can still be a daunting environment for women and many others. Because of this, it’s crucial that here at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) we continue to ensure every member has equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and experience level.

We’ve been having conversations with our female members about the unique barriers they face and how we could help to overcome them. They are firmly at the helm of proposing and helping us implement these changes, and we continue to listen, adapt and progress in every way we can.

The beauty of dentistry is that the field itself is diverse; there are so many different avenues and pathways that you can take, and the BACD aims to give you the tools you need to achieve excellence in whatever role you choose.

That’s why we have the ‘Female Leaders in Dentistry’ day in March, to give a platform to leading female dentists, as well as new and aspiring ones. Lecturing is a wonderful way to really gain some experience and confidence within the field. Everyone is welcome to attend the event; it’s the perfect opportunity for all dental professionals to socialise and network.

Female Leaders in Dentistry takes place on 5th March 2022; make sure you book your place at to avoid missing out.

In the BACD, everyone is judged purely on what they bring to the table as a person. We firmly believe in being a ‘meritocracy’ and carry this ethos into everything that we do. Feeling valued and listened to is one of the many benefits of being a part of the BACD.

We provide resources to help every member excel, including educational events with leading speakers, a recognised accreditation pathway and mentoring and career support. You’re more than just a member of the BACD – you’re an integral voice that can help us adapt and grow.

To help effect change first you need to become a part of the conversation. The BACD supports equality within dentistry and our commitment to inclusion and empowerment is what makes us stand out from the rest. Regardless of your background or gender, we believe that every single one of our members can achieve greatness within their careers.

As such, we actively encourage all members to consider becoming part of our committees, then to join the BACD board and ultimately possibly become President.

We recognise, however, that working for committees and boards can be intimidating and time-consuming, which can present challenges for those who have personal and/or already extensive career commitments, especially female clinicians with demanding schedules. Any member who wishes to be a part of the BACD committee or board will be supported throughout their journey – we’ll make sure they’re prepared to make the transition.

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