Amit Patel: Investing in Value

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Amit Patel: The true cost of quality dental care

Amit Patel is President of The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) and is registered with the GDC as a specialist in periodontics. His special interests are dental implants, regenerative and aesthetic periodontics.

When undergoing a dental procedure, patients are investing in more than simply a specific treatment; they are paying for exceptional care and value. There will be patients who do not recognise or fully appreciate that they are also paying for the safety from receiving care from a highly skilled professional who only uses high-grade materials and equipment.

They may seek out the cheapest possible treatment option in a bid to save money. Unfortunately, this can bring with it a whole host of issues that put patients at risk, not only the final dental outcome, but also their long-term health.

The demand for new and improved smiles continues to rise, so it comes as no surprise that, with the average price for a dental implant costing £2,000 in the UK, patients may consider making a substantial saving by going abroad. Dental implant treatment in Turkey, for example, will cost around £800, or £730 in Hungary, which may seem an attractive proposition to patients, but have they considered what they could potentially lose out on?

If issues do occur after the event patients are potentially faced with additional costs that quickly multiply. If they go back to the treating professional, then they must pay for flights and accommodations again, in addition to taking time off work and/or arranging childcare.

If they are advised to seek care in the UK, they will find that – due to litigation concerns – many UK dentists are wary of treating patients who have undergone dental procedures in countries with fewer regulations governing techniques and materials.

There is always a risk of something going awry no matter where you get treated. But by choosing to invest in a dentist whose dental practice isn’t hundreds of miles away, patients can get any problem identified early and rectified more conveniently. Dental implant therapy requires regular check-ups over a significant period of time to ensure that that the site has healed smoothly, and to give patients a chance to ask questions and to feel engaged, well informed and comfortable.

If someone received their dental implants abroad, they may miss out on these important check-ups, and any underlying issues might go undetected. It’s important that patients fully understand the risks involved in seeking the cheapest possible treatment pathway. Dental professionals are ideally placed to offer guidance and stress to patients that they are not simply spending money on the treatment, but everything that comes with it.

Dental implantology is evolving at great speed, and to stay ahead of the game you will need to refresh your skillset on a regular basis. The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) is a great place for likeminded professionals to come together, be inquisitive, and keep updated on all the current trends and conversations in the field.

Members have access to excellent educational resources, such as a range of journals and ADI study clubs. Plus, they receive discounted delegate rates for ADI events, including the Biennial Team Congress. Professionals can also stay connected through the ADI Members’ Only Facebook Group.

By joining this growing community of over 2,400 members, you can deliver truly exceptional high-quality dental care to your patients. For more information about the ADI, or to join, visit the website