Humble Smiles in Transylvania

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Humble Smiles Foundation joins the child oral health promotion project in Transylvania, Romania, 2017

Dr Darren Weiss, President of the Humble Smile Foundation, talks about its project amongst the children of the Roma communities in Transylvania, Romania. The children were in a desperate dental condition.

“Many children in the Roma (Gypsy) communities of Transylvania don’t go to school or have clothes or even a roof over their heads. Needless to say, they don’t have access to dentistry. Love Light Romania, a local organisation committed to helping with these problems, hosted a small Humble Smile team to implement a dental prevention program.

“Children from two Roma communities, Jocadu and Albesti, were screened for oral disease and risk factors. Cavities were treated with silver diamine fluoride. Undecayed teeth were sealed and fluoride applied. Tooth brushing was instituted into the daily routine as part of an overall program that included nutritional education.”

He continued: “The bad news is that our survey and interviews revealed that over 85% of the kids had tooth decay, with an average of six decayed teeth per child, causing many kids to avoid smiling. The good news is that the kids get a second chance at prevention with the eruption of their permanent teeth, thanks to our sponsors: Humble Brush; GSK; Elevate Oral Care; GC; Core3dCentres; and Blend-a-med.

“In conclusion, I’d like to offer special thanks to Jo Jowett, Emma Craig, and the team from Love Light, and to our Humble Smile volunteers, Dr Dorin Bularga and Kelly Weiss.”

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