A-dec: Don’t fear the dental chair

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A-dec’s Christopher Cox says, “Don’t fear the dental chair”, read on...

For many people in the UK a visit to the dentist can be a reminder of traumatic experiences they might have endured in the past. Harsh artificial lighting, the clinical layout of the surgery, the intimidating noise of the dentist’s drill and the odour of disinfectant are all factors that many people have come to associate with an uncomfortable dental environment.

A combination of negative press coverage and bad experiences in the past can fuel distrust in dentists so patients develop false preconceptions of what to expect. As a result many dentists have tended away from traditional clinical designs in their practice in favour of a warmer, more welcoming aesthetic, which is can prove an effective way of creating a much more positive environment.

Fear of the dental surgery can be exacerbated by simply sitting in the dental chair, an item of equipment patients have come to associate with the loss of control. Lying in the dental chair has been described as the feeling of being “like a turtle on its back” – exposed, defenceless and helpless.

The dental team can help patients overcome this fear by using techniques designed to create a more relaxed experience during particularly long procedures, and the right dental chair can certainly help boost patient comfort.

Modern-day engineering has transformed the capabilities of manufacturers to build and produce exceptional units that cater beautifully to the needs of both patient and dentist.

Most well-designed units aim to create sufficient access to the patient but still allow the dentist to maintain a healthy posture, reducing pain and discomfort by eliminating the need to over-reach or hold an awkward position during treatment. Ultra-thin backrests and slim-profile headrests now feature on many contemporary dental chair models, allowing greater room underneath so that practitioners can be positioned closer to their patient in order to deliver superior care.

Leading solutions such as the A-dec 500 dental chair are engineered with pressure-mapped cushioning and streamlined support, making them more ergonomically comfortable for patients across the entire body while providing an optimal, custom-made feel. The unit also offers practitioners a choice of upholstery colours and styles in order to complement their surgery design.

It is essential for dental professionals to adopt a delicate, individually tailored approach to care, especially for dento-phobic people who demonstrate acute anxiety about dental treatment. Practices will benefit from repeat business if patients’ fears are eased and they feel they can depend on their dentist to provide pain-free and comfortable care.

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Christopher Cox has been working at A-dec since 2005, when he started as an Administrative Assistant. He has since worked his way up through the company, as a Project Co-ordinator, Project Manager, Territory Manager for Institutional Sales, Special Markets Manager and is now the Sales Manager.