Dr Steven Lin: The Dental Diet

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Dr Steven Lin, author of The Dental Diet explains why every dental practice must understand nutrition

Why has nutrition and oral health been so disconnected? Here are five reasons why every dental practice must understand nutrition.

Today, the UK has a big problem. Tooth decay numbers are rising and we don’t have a solution. Sugar is one part of the problem, but it goes far deeper. We need to start understanding nutrition from the perspective of oral health.

The dental practice should be the centrepiece of nutritional guidance for people to prevent dental disease.

• Nutrition and preventive healthcare are bigger now than ever before. The dental hygienist stands as the advice bearer in the dental practice. Without a savvy hygienist, the whole practice is behind.

• We need dietary recommendations to go beyond just reducing sugar (we've tried that for decades, and it doesn't work!) If food-based programs are to prevent dental diseases, we need oral health professionals to be more active in nutritional education.

• As health professionals, we have a responsibility to look after ourselves. If our health is a problem, we're less able to help our patients. The dental practice is a busy workplace, so being savvy with food, exercise and lifestyle should be part of our day-to-day lives.

Five features of The Dental Diet:

1) The Foreword: The Dental Diet’s foreword is written by Dr. Mark Hyman. As a hard-hitting, 10x New York best-selling author, Dr. Hyman is one of the most influential health professionals of the last decade. Setting up the functional medicine arm of The Cleveland Clinic, he is pushing a healthcare revolution. With the backing of Dr. Hyman, The Dental Diet will help bring dental practice into the 21st century

2) The Food-Plan: We know that patients need actionable steps. The Dental Diet gives the exact 40-day plan to help take your patient out of the food-based sickness cycle. It includes a two-week entirely sugar-free recipe plan, with delicious whole-food and traditional cooking techniques. The first thing you'll want to do is try the meals at home. But the best part is you'll feel great after.

3) The Evidence: For those of us with the inner nerd, The Dental Diet is packed with 300 scientific references. That's a ton of extra in-depth reading, into the science of jaw growth, sleep medicine, calcium metabolism, vitamins D, K2, the oral microbiome, epigenetics and much, much more.

4) The Story: If nothing else, The Dental Diet is a great read. Teeth tell a fascinating human story. From our history on earth to the dentist in the 30s who sailed to the four corners of the globe to study dental disease. When a patient walks into our practice today, we have a walking history book, and when we learn how to read it, it tells us how badly we've been treating our mouths.

5) The clinical applications: Of course, we stay within our scope of practice. Whether it's breathing and sleep disorders (for yourself, kids, family, as well as patients), vitamin D deficiency, gut health, digestion, or dietary analyses, The Dental Diet opens up a whole new world of preventative dental practice. Armed with well-supported, patient-based education we can build the right referral networks within our dental team – and learn the simple identification of conditions that first show up in the mouth.

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Dr Steven Lin is a dentist, TEDx speaker and author of The Dental Diet a 40-day science backed, food-based plan to heal the mouth, body, and mind.

He has trained and lectured thousands of dental professionals all over the world. In 2018 his PACE accredited Dental Nutrition Course will expand into the US and Canada.

Follow Dr Lin on Twitter @drstevenlin, on Facebook: www.facebook.com/drstevenlin and on Instagram www.instagram/drstevenlin