Opportunities with Rodericks Dental Group

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Richard Stewart talks about his new opportunities for career progression with Rodericks Dental

“A couple of years ago, Rodericks took over the practice I’ve worked at for over 10 years. Since then, I have been able to try new things and progress my career in ways I hadn’t thought about before.”

Richard Stewart, Associate at Victoria House in Loughborough, discusses the new opportunities that became available to him when the practice he worked at joined the Rodericks Dental Group. He continues:

“For example, I currently mentor two dentists in their respective PLVE years (formerly DFTQ). In addition, alongside my full-time UDA commitments, I am able to spend time with the Recruitment Team as a Recruitment Advisor. This role involves interviewing potential new dentists for the group.

“I have found both these new endeavours to be really rewarding and I am sure there will be more opportunities to come with Rodericks in the future.

“For anyone who might be facing a similar situation, I would advise that if you can embrace the initial transition stage and all the inevitable changes that come with it, then you’ll discover all kinds of opportunities that you might not have previously considered. Rodericks is a great group to work for.”

For more information, please contact Christina Regan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Visit www.rodericksdental.co.uk/careers or call 01604 602491 (option 1)