W&H Piezomed “enhanced implant experience”

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Kate Scheer from W&H explains why the W&H Piezomed provides an enhanced implant experience

More patients are choosing dental implants as a solution to a missing tooth or teeth, because they are comfortable, look natural and offer high functionality. Around 500,000 adults in the UK (excluding Scotland) have at least one implant [1].

One reason for the rapid growth in this area is that despite an ageing population, elderly people are showing lower levels of full edentulism [2]. But tooth loss affects all generations and implantology is a potential long-term solution for all sorts of patients who are experiencing problems because of a missing tooth or teeth.

When you discuss a recommendation of implant therapy with a patient, what is most frequently on their list of concerns? Cost is often a priority. Comfort and convenience will also be up there; the busy patient will want to complete the treatment in as few appointments as possible.

Patients investing in implant work will have sky-high expectations, which means excellent pre- and post-surgery care. Accurate and thorough treatment planning is therefore essential [3]. This means that all the possible risk factors should be comprehensively discussed with the patient before treatment begins, so they know how to care for their implant after placement and maximise the chances of success.

A brilliant implant dentist is one that uses the best techniques, materials and tools available to make the experience an entirely positive one. They will also reassure an individual that their course of treatment will be efficient, meaning minimal visits and a minimally invasive approach.

Communicating clearly and effectively from the first appointment is crucial. Make sure you know about any ongoing issues or patient behaviours that could affect the success of the treatment and that the patient understands the impact of these, too. An open, communicative atmosphere will allow the patient to be honest about their fears and give them an opportunity to build the needed confidence to proceed.

Arm yourself with the right materials and tools. Some of the best equipment uses ultrasound technology, meaning less pain and quicker healing. These technologies ensure an almost blood-free surgical site with the soft tissue remaining mostly uninjured.

The W&H Piezomed will facilitate the implantologist’s work and enhance the patient experience. It will cut with precision, whether the cut is fine or deep, facilitating quick and efficient treatment. Equipment that can assess the primary stability of an implant by taking measurements is also crucial for achieving safe and predictable results.

Complete with an integrated automatic thread-cutter function and torque control for the successful insertion of implants the W&H Implantmed surgical drive unit with optional Osstell ISQ module is an ideal solution.

Implant dentists are achieving things that would have once been considered impossible. Aim to make treatment a positive experience from the outset by using the best tools and resources you can. Not only will you revitalise patients’ smiles and improve their quality of life, but you will also build a reputation as a centre for implant excellence.

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