Rodericks: The best outcome for the patients

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Rodericks’ CEO Shalin Mehra talks about dental team development with Dental Review

Seen at the Show: Rodericks’ CEO Shalin Mehra outlines his company’s ethical policy towards dental practice acquisition and team development.

In a clear, concise statement Mr Mehra said: “Rodericks is clinically led. I began my career as a dentist and studied dental education. Our development model cares for the team, cares for the dentists, and provides the best outcome for patients.”

Rodericks is a group built by dentists, and its growth has been careful and organic since its inception in 2005. Now with 73 practices the group focuses on supporting the clinician and keeping the business side of dentistry out of the surgery.

Mr Mehra continued: “At the point of treatment the patients need to know that their dentist is only concerned about their care and not distracted by practice management issues. We support that with selective training, helping with those essential communication skills and specialist training if the clinician wants to take a specific career path.

“Development is tailored to reinforce individual strengths and allows people to make informed choices. We also offer support when we identify weaknesses, we would never leave people working out of their depth without offering help.”

Rodericks provides many CPD opportunities, for example during 2017 the company provided 53 days of CPD for dentists. Training courses are offered internally and discounted courses available externally; as well as support teams and tailored learning pathways for all members of the team. Clinical advisors deal with clinical concerns – and the administration burden is removed from dentists

Mr Mehra concluded: “Without good dentists, patient care can’t be optimised. Patients are more aware than ever before about what they want and expect from the dental team, and the pressure on dentists to perform at their best has never been greater. When people join Rodericks they soon realise they are working within a state-of-the-art practice that prioritises patient care and team support.

“We plan to grow by careful selection, aiming to reach 130 practices over the next three- to four-years, and we welcome professionals who can match our standards. If you want to join a team that offers a choice of high quality products and materials, a dedicated support network, and the chance to reach your full potential, then we want to hear from you.”

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