Building a successful dental implant surgery

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TBR’s Mr Luc Trevisan advises dental implantologists to: “Follow the routes to growth

Providing an excellent service is essential to growing a successful dental implant business, but there are other factors that should be considered as well. These can be implemented to great effect and include:

Building an online presence
If a patient is seeking dental services, they will often browse online for a reliable dentist in their area. As such, practitioners should ensure that they set up a website for the practice, which includes information about the dental team’s credentials, experience and education.

The website should detail the implant services available, so that patients are able to weigh up the benefits of treatment. Practitioners can also make it easier for patients to schedule appointments through online forms, which can streamline the booking process for initial consultations.

Following up with patients
Some patients with missing teeth may not have considered dental implants as a way of enhancing their smile, so it is well worth spending time engaging with them about the benefits of implants.

Following initial consultations, you can send reminders as a way of prompting them to return to the practice – using a mode of communication that is preferable to the patient and will be more likely to generate leads. Many practices mail friendly reminders, but you can also send these electronically which can prove much more efficient for some patient demographics.

Approaching with the right attitude
Patients make their own judgements on the different aspects of the service you and your team provide, so consider how you can improve the overall patient experience – from the initial interaction patients have with waiting room staff, to their comfort once seated in the dental chair.

Setting a high standard of care from the very beginning is key to ensuring you form good impressions with patients.

Provide a quality product

Dental implant treatment is now highly sought after as it can offer an alternative to traditional solutions such as dentures or bridges. However, it is important to ensure that you utilise an effective implant system such as the TBR Z1, which combines zirconia and titanium to guarantee supreme function and aesthetics.

Providing treatment with a reliable implant solution will only help to develop your reputation, as patients will come to recognise you as a practice that can achieve excellent clinical results. Patients who associate your services with high quality and accessibility, will help to grow your business through online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Owning a dental practice is no easy task, but it is worth taking time to consider how you can grow your business through the provision of dental implants, in order to strengthen your competitive position and attract the interest of both new or existing patients.


Mr Luc Trevisan is a biomedical engineer. He has been the TBR Development Director since 2007.

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