Rodericks: Plan Your Career Path

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Rodericks’ Christina Regan asks dental professionals: “How will you find your path?

For all dental professionals, career progression is key for high job satisfaction. Being proactive when it comes to your personal development will ensure you get the very most out of the opportunities available to you.

Whatever you’re thinking of doing, there are key considerations that will always apply:

1. Establish clear goals – once you know exactly where you want to go it will be easier to start working towards it.

2. Make a plan – researching the opportunities available to you and deciding how you would most like to reach your goals will give you a good starting point and make the whole process seem far less daunting. This can also be completed as part of your personal development plan for enhanced CPD, so it needn’t take up any more of your time.

3. Create a deadline – determining a timeframe for accomplishment of your goals will help to keep you on track and provide motivation. Ensuring a realistic deadline is necessary in order to avoid disappointment.

4. Monitor and refine – having a plan to follow will give you something to frequently refer back to so you can effectively monitor your progression. It’s just as important to be flexible, though – you never know what exciting opportunity might present and it’s important to be able to adapt and refine your goals accordingly.

At some point, your career pathway may require a change of practice in order to allow you to truly thrive. Finding the right fit for you is integral for your future. You need to know of any training that will be made available to you as well as the policies towards flexible working should you wish to complete postgraduate qualifications.

You need to know what the support structure will be and whether you will have access to more experience professionals who can guide you in clinical or other matters as you advance your skills. Identifying the different roles that may be available as you progress will also shed light on whether your new knowledge will be effectively utilised by your new practice, enabling you to refine your expertise and continue to develop.

Importantly, your new boss should share your ethos for career progression and actively facilitate your work towards achieving your goals. Take Rodericks Dental, for instance. Committed to excellent patient care and run by dentists, the group supports various training programmes and encourages all dental professionals to be the very best they can be. Prioritising professional development and delivering the support individuals need to grow, Rodericks can help every professional get to where they want to go.

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