Victoria Wilson Launches Smile Revolution

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Dental therapist Victoria Wilson launches her podcast – Smile Revolution

As are many of my colleagues I am totally dedicated to our profession, and in order to give something back, I recently launched my Smile Revolution podcast to help support career development for dental hygienists and therapists around the world by providing penetrating insight into their peers’ career paths.

My podcast interviews explore the views of hygienists and therapists who are happy to share their professional journeys with others. I believe we should always share what we have learnt regarding the many exciting elements of our profession, and there is so much more to explore than the well beaten paths.

Others are so generous in sharing their insights, and, thanks to the nature of the podcast it is accessible anywhere, anytime. It is a resource that the profession can tap into and learn from while on the go. As I said, I love what I do, and 16 years after qualifying I feel so fortunate to have chosen a career that I am still so passionate about today.

Why Smile Revolution?

I developed the idea to create Smile Revolution back in 2015 after completing my Bachelors degree in Oral Health Promotion under O’Hehir University. Trisha O’Hehir inspired me hugely and encouraged me to explore fresh avenues of communication in the dental arena.

My dissertation focussed on communication and behavioural change for dental hygienists and therapists, and, essentially, Smile Revolution uses the insights I’ve gained to support promotional projects that help overcome oral health inequalities by using various communication channels.

The Podcast is just one of the communication channels resulting from the Smile Revolution, and it evolved thanks to a combination of contributing factors; one of which was due to input from teaching colleagues, through which I learned about the many frustrations and obstacles that could potentially inhibit people from reaching their full potential.

I realised there was a real need to provide extra support for colleagues who may be at a crossroads, people who want to advance their careers yet are unsure how to move forward. Another contributing factor was an article I wrote about the accomplishments within our profession over the years, acheivements that have shaped where we are today.

My interest in our profession and the colleagues who surround me is growing. I have enjoyed the great fortune of travelling with my work and meeting so many wonderful dental professionals from around the world. I have learned a great deal from these people, and my podcast provides a portal through which to share their unique stories and insights.

I sincerely hope the podcast inspires my listeners; that it helps support career development and moves our profession further forward. I truly believe that, as a profession, the more we share the faster we can grow, and that one day we will achieve our goal of overcoming oral health inequalities.

Jumping technical hurdles

It has taken me about three years to get the podcast off the ground and reach the point it is at today – while also taking time to have babies! I once attempted to start a podcast where I was trying to do everything myself – and I soon realised that this was not practical; I was not equipped for jumping those technical hurdles.

I made some basic errors, not least purchasing unnecessary equipment, until I finally found the right person to work with. I now have an editor who helps shape all the podcasts with me, and who also sourced the most appropriate recorder and trained me in how to use it.

I’m still learning and will continue to learn, always looking to find the best formula and ways to optimise both my time and my editor’s. However, I absolutely love every element of it.

I love sharing some of the deeply moving, emotional interviews with my colleagues, and my ongoing learning experience has to be the highlight of the whole process. Every time I record a podcast I learn something new, and I feel very optimistic about the reach we can have – the ways this can help support our profession – and, more importantly, improve the public’s oral health awareness in the future.

So far I have interviewed Karen Walker, Catherine Owers, Charlotte Sale, Flo Cooper, Debbie McKenzie, Gail Malone, Sarah Cox, Sofia Drivas and Robyn Watson. I am constantly reaching out to colleagues who have inspirational career paths, people who have something worthwhile to share and that I feel others can learn from.

I’m always interested to hear about my colleagues’ career paths, and would be delighted for anyone who has something share to get in touch. Please, feel free to email me – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently I have a number of promotional projects in the pipeline to support the profession, and, ultimately, the public’s oral health. I am also finalising an audio book aimed at guiding children towards more effective toothbrushing. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with more of my peers from around the world. These are exciting times.


Victoria qualified from the Eastman in 2003 as a dental therapist, and has worked with leading clinicians including Bow Lane Dental and Darwood and Tanner. After moving to Dubai in 2006 she founded the ‘The Emirates Dental Hygienists Club’ of which she is a former President.

In 2015 Victoria completed a Bachelors degree in Oral Health Promotion from O’Heheir University, and currently holds an honorary lecture position for the behavioural change module for the MSc in Dental Hygiene at the Eastman, along with sitting on the Communication and Public Relations committee for the IFDH.

She consults for Enlighten Smiles and is a KOL for Philips Oral Healthcare, Sonicare business, and Dentsply Sirona where she delivers smart scaling courses around the UK.

Links to the Smile Revolution podcast:

Sound cloud – click HERE

Itunes – click HERE

Also available on – spotify, pocket cast, tunein, acast and stitcher.