Dr Luis Bessa at BACD Annual Conference

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Dr Luis Bessa: Managing dental implants in the aesthetic zone

During this year’s BACD Annual Conference, with its theme of “Delivering Excellence: Tradition vs. Innovation”, Dr Luis Bessa will present his lecture on “How Technology Boosts Biology: Aesthetic Zone Management in Implant Dentistry”.

Dr Bessa graduated from the Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde do Norte (ISCS-N) in 2009. He later achieved his degree as a specialist in oral surgery and buco-maxillofacial traumatology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He also achieved his post-graduate qualifications in orthognathic surgery from the Brazilian College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 2011.

Since 2012 Dr Bessa has attended several international dental conferences as a speaker. He was head of the maxillofacial surgery course at University Fernando Pessoa in 2013, but is currently an invited professor for the implant dentistry post-graduate course at ISCN-Cespu.

Dr Bessa is the founder, as well as the clinical and scientific director of the IRON clinic in Porto, Portugal. He also remains part of the White Clinic’s team in Lisbon as head of the oral surgery department, where he practises advanced digital dental procedures. Dr Bessa’s extensive experience in the field of oral surgery and dental implantology makes him a valuable addition to this year’s speaker line-up at the BACD Annual Conference.

A demanding procedure

Speaking about his presentation, he says: “Managing the aesthetic zone is always quite a demanding procedure, due to the impact it can have on a patient’s appearance and the high expectations patients have on the treatment outcome. This becomes even more challenging if treatment involves the replacement of missing teeth using dental implants, as well as the regeneration of the hard and soft tissue.

“Although technology is developing fast and improving the efficacy of dental implants, there are still some inevitable biological limits to treatment. The combination of perio-prosthodontic knowledge and technological skills is the new ‘gold standard’ to achieving more predictable and natural-looking implant-supported restorations.”

He continued: “During my lecture at the BACD Annual Conference, I will present algorithm-based literature that demonstrates how we can face different clinical situations with regard to managing the aesthetic zone – from immediate implants in fresh sockets, to implant site development with 3D bone augmentation and soft tissue management.

“I will explain how these techniques can then be combined with cutting-edge technology that can facilitate the delivery of minimally invasive, more predictable procedures. Dental implant cases involving the aesthetic zone are always challenging, so I will explain how we can take a systematic approach to achieve the most biomimetic and aesthetic result.

“I aim to deliver a dynamic presentation full of graphic videos and animations detailing all the techniques I use within the aesthetic zone. I will also discuss how IOS technology, guided surgery, and micro surgical approaches could help clinicians boost biology and control the outcome of dental implant treatment. I hope delegates at my session understand how and why I use so many different techniques.”

Dr Bessa’s presentation will round off a programme of educational events at this year’s BACD Annual Conference. Delegates can also look forward to interactive hands-on workshops, seminars and lectures led by Dr Paolo Nardinocchi, Dr Tony Rotondo, Dr Josef Kunkela, Mr Daniel Dunka, Dr Elliot Mechanic, Mr Phil Reddington, Dr Oliver Harman, Dr Mauro Fradeani, Dr Eric van Dooren, Dr Michaela Sehnert, Dr Mario Semenza, and Dr Koray Feran.

Dr Bessa concluded: “The BACD is an outstanding organisation that is doing a fantastic job at providing access to high quality dental education. The BACD Annual Conference is one of the most prestigious events in the UK and I am really proud to be part of it this year.

“I am excited to lead an interesting lecture on combining biological principles with cutting-edge technology to boost results in dental implant cases. If you are interested in technology, biology, and aesthetic zone management, I’m looking forward to seeing you at my session.”

Visit the BACD website to secure your place at the Annual Conference. Last year’s event sold out quickly, so be sure to book early to avoid missing out.

The BACD Sixteenth Annual Conference 2019
‘Delivering Excellence: Tradition vs. Innovation’
7th – 9th November 2019
Millennium Gloucester Hotel
Kensington, London

For more information about the BACD, visit www.bacd.com