Philips' Melanie Pomphrett at BSDHT Conference

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Melanie Pomphrett at the BSDHT Conference demonstrating Philips' chairside tooth whitening system

Over the last few months, I have definitely noticed an increase in interest for tooth whitening as well as facial aesthetics. Dental hygienists and therapists are undoubtedly looking at other ways they can use and diversify their skills in these particularly challenging times.

I think that many hygienists and therapists have come to realise that, now more than ever, they need to show how invaluable they can be to dentists. Tooth whitening is a non AGP so it is considered safe to carry out so long as people wear the correct PPE. This is a great time for people to start learning how to perform it or do more of it.

Whitening also has the potential to bring in healthy additional revenues to the practice and puts them in a stronger position for the future. Whilst for the hygienist or therapist it adds to their scope of practice, provides more job satisfaction and also more job security.

At the BSDHT’s Oral Health Conference on Saturday 28th November between 12:15-12:45, I will be hosting a session in the demo zone, demonstrating a chairside whitening procedure. I will also be talking about the Philips whitening systems and Sonicare devices, and taking questions from the audience.

Most people are au fait with take-home systems, but chairside whitening is still less clear for many. The session I will be hosting will provide an opportunity for colleagues to witness the first part of the procedure for themselves, learn more about the whole topic, and begin to appreciate how they can become more immersed in the business of whitening.

Chairside whitening procedure is not complicated – in fact Philips has made whitening such an easy process. The chairside whitening kit comes with everything you need and it is all laid out in the order you use it. It includes all the instructions, including diagrams, so that the procedure need not be a daunting prospect.

However, I will talk delegates through the process during my demo. Hygienists and therapists may not be aware that Philips offers free tooth whitening training, and once the clinician feels competent and confident, they can then go ahead and perform the procedures.

From a hygienist and therapist’s perspective, they may be worried about whether they would be able to fit whitening into their day and also if they will be able to convince their dentists to allow them to perform it. Dentists may also be concerned about how this could work within the practice.

Philips strongly advocates the use of hygienists and therapists to carry out whitening on behalf of dentists. The company also encourages dentists to sign up for the Philips CPD whitening course to fully understand the importance of involving their team, how to market whitening and make it profitable.

For dental professionals interested in further support on whitening, Philips lunch & learns are also offered to dental practices, for the whole team to participate in, which can be delivered during lunch hour – or at a time that suits the practice. Practice members receive one hour of eCPD, personalised education tooth whitening (or oral health).

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