The Colosseum Dental Community

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Mike Clare CEO of Colosseum Dental UK: “The heartbeat of a community”

We have all been reminded about the importance of community in recent times. The knowledge that there are people around to provide support and encouragement has really helped to get people through some tough times.

You may have seen it in your local area, where some residents have gone out of their way to check-in on elderly neighbours or to assist vulnerable members of society by shopping for essentials. A quick search online reveals countless truly heart-warming stories of the generosity and selflessness of individuals and families across the country.

Within the dental profession, there have been just as many reports of teams and businesses going the extra mile for their local communities or for their colleagues throughout the healthcare industry. Dental laboratories remained open throughout the first lockdown to manufacture essential supplies such as face shields and ventilator parts for NHS services.

Dental nurses, dental hygienists and practice managers volunteered for redeployment and offered their experience and skills to support other healthcare sectors. Businesses restructured and introduced new measures in order to optimise the safety of their teams and patients alike.

In all these examples, there has to be trust between individuals – this is, ultimately, what forms a community and holds it together. At Colosseum Dental UK, we made it a priority to show our people and our patients why they could trust us, not just through our words and constant communication, but also by our actions and our delivery of promises.

We remained abreast of all the very latest guidelines and recommendations to ensure that we maintain the highest possible safety standards for our patients. To make sure that any patients visiting our clinics felt secure and protected, we have shown them the additional measures in place and encouraged them to follow the extra protocols designed to keep everyone safe on the premises.

Despite the tremendous pressure of new protocols, additional PPE, increased cancellations and no-shows, massive time pressures and personal challenges, our practice teams have been exemplary. We have always been committed to supporting them and making their daily life easier wherever we can, and this has not changed.

We do whatever we can to reduce the risks our people face, including clear SOPs, social distancing, state-of-the-art PPE, rigorous patient screening and observation of the recommended fallow periods where appropriate. We also understand the importance of emotional support and so there is always someone to talk to if an individual starts to feel overwhelmed or needs extra help.

Pandemic measures aside, we continue to support all members of our practice teams with on-going education and training, competitive pay, comfortable uniforms and copious career development opportunities.

This is not about protecting profits or keeping stakeholders happy. Instead, our focus has been on continuing to invest in our people, our patients and our business in order to ensure long-term sustainability. This means continuity of care for our patients and job security for our people – both of which are essential aspects of how we measure our success.

While other companies have pulled back and made cuts, we have invested heavily, even managing to expand and provide pay rises in some instances. This has only been possible with the hard work and dedication of all our teams, for which we are eternally grateful.

Happier times are on the horizon, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The more challenges we overcome and the more we do so while working together and trusting each other, the stronger our community becomes. At Colosseum Dental UK, this makes our business stronger and enables us to carry on supporting our patients and our people.

If you’re ever looking to join such a community for the job security and support you need in good times and bad, visit our website