COLTENE Helps Keep Brilliant Dentists in Practice

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COLTENE’s Mark Allen says: “Dentist retention starts with the right equipment”

Even before the pandemic there had been talk of a recruitment crisis in dentistry, particularly within NHS services. Being a dentist is a rewarding occupation, but it’s also physically and emotionally demanding and, at times, frustrating. It can be stressful too; the BDA has been doing work around professional stress for some time.

Pre-2020, there were concerns about what a final Brexit deal could mean for recruitment, and how it might affect dental professionals from overseas who want to work in the UK. Then came COVID-19. Student dentists had exams cancelled or delayed, plus online study separated them from a physical support network. For recent graduates, to say that their first year in practice would have been a strange experience is probably understating it.

All dentists will likely still be seeing people presenting with problems that are a direct result of practices being closed and appointments missed. The task ahead may seem overwhelming – to raise and maintain levels of oral health and deal with the long-term impact of COVID-19, which has forced changes to the ways care is delivered. Retention of existing clinicians has become crucial.

Recruitment, retention and success

Recruit and retain your dentists by motivating them with possibilities. Let them know that if they want to follow a specialist pathway, you will help them pursue quality training. Hire the right people, people who will be on the same page as you with your branding and are willing to become proud ambassadors of your practice.

You might also have identified the need to offer more specialist treatments. For example, due to the disruption of services, we might anticipate an increased need for root canal treatments. To help deal with this you should embrace the latest technology and source materials carefully.

COLTENE supplies products for general dentistry as well as some specialisms. For endodontists the CanalPro Jeni endometer, with integrated apex locator, offers game-changing digital technology for treating root canals more safely and more efficiently.

Give your clinicians such quality materials and tools and they will not only be able to do their jobs, but they’ll also do them exceptionally well with less stress, fewer opportunities for something to go wrong and reduced chances of a complaint. Great tools and materials simply mean predictable clinical outcomes and give excellent dentists the chance to shine.

Give your dentists the right tools for the job and they’ll have every reason to stay, grow, remain motivated and inspired within a supportive practice environment. Your patients will thrive, your dentists will thrive, and, ultimately, your practice will thrive too.

For more information about the COLTENE portfolio, visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 254 5115.