Michael Sultan: The Great British Cosmetic Boom

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Michael Sultan: Its time to bust the Brit dental disaster myths

No, this isn’t a blog about baking, sewing or any of those other reality TV programmes that we have come to associate with being uniquely British – this is something that dentists can really get stuck into – the Great British cosmetic dentistry boom.

British teeth don’t have a good international reputation. In fact, there are endless jokes – especially among our American friends – where the punch line is that we don’t have the whitest, straightest gnashers (Austin Powers anyone?). This view has become a comedic cultural paradigm in TV programmes and films alike.

This Brit teeth stereotype isn’t uniquely American, there are plenty of countries around the world that tar us with the same dental brush. But, with the British cosmetic dentistry industry booming and currently worth £2.2 billion, is now the right time for your surgery to join the fight against the wonky dentition stereotype?

Arguably the easiest pathway into the cosmetic arena is to start offering whitening treatments. These are usually very easy to perform, can be used on the vast majority of patients, and get quick results. You might even look into offering home whitening kits that provide patients with more freedom to control their own whitening journey.

Cosmetics are not just about whitening. Veneers have also gained hugely in popularity throughout the last decade and might prove another good opening for dental professionals looking to explore new avenues. Veneers may appeal to a smaller pool of patients, but can be just as rewarding, and coupled with orthodontics can often provide a beautiful smile with minimal tooth preparation.

Facial aesthetics using Botox and fillers are also much in demand, and there’s a plethora of very reputable courses on offer. Dental professionals’ skills with a needle make them an obvious choice for the facial makeover trend, while adding a new treatment option to your practice.

In the end, the world may continue to think that British people have bad teeth, and this perception may take many years to shift. But there has been a boom in consumer-lead cosmetic dentistry and dental professionals can be at the forefront by helping patients of all ages to achieve the smile of their dreams.


Michael Sultan is the principal and founder of the leading endodontic and referral specialist team at EndoCare, and a regular contributor to Dental Review. For more information, call 020 7224 0999, or visit www.endocare.co.uk