Dr Céline Higton at BACD

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Dr Céline Higton at BACD Annual Conference: 'Time to give a (rubber) dam'

Dr Céline Higton is a staunch advocate for the rubber dam in general dentistry, is set to give a session about the subject at this year’s BACD Annual Conference. Here she outlines the themes of her talk.

The use of rubber dams in dentistry has a number of proven benefits. They enhance visibility surrounding the treatment site and isolate the area from saliva and blood, protecting it from potential pathogenic contamination. A rubber dam can make a significant improvement to working conditions, ushering in a higher standard of care and more comfortable treatment for patient and professional alike.

Rubber dams are considered tricky by professionals and I think a lot of that has to do with the way dentistry is taught in university. They are covered only very briefly, which leaves professionals struggling as they don’t fully understand how to use them effectively. I always say that rubber dams are an exact science – like a mathematical equation if you will – so how can people complete the sum if they don’t know the formula?

That’s why the core aim of my session is to help professionals fall in love with rubber dams, as I have. My session will hopefully encourage them to become more comfortable and proficient in placing them, so they can see a rubber dam as a friend not a foe.

By the end of my session, I want everyone to be more confident in placing rubber dams. It’s become clear to me that once people understand how to place rubber dams properly, they really see the benefits and adopt them into their everyday workflows. I will cover the finer details, explaining ways to help with patient acceptance as well as looking at material and equipment choices.

My session will also teach delegates how to master the essential skill of making floss ligatures and inverting the dam, as well as how to isolate for everyday dentistry, including quadrant isolation, anterior isolation and split dam methods. Plus, I will cover the art of meeting the challenge of retraction during the application of the rubber dam.

I’m so excited for the Conference this year, especially as there is such a great selection of speakers attending. I am one million per cent looking forward to hearing from Frank Spear – he is one of dentistry’s greats and I wouldn’t miss him for the world.

I’m also really looking forward to speaking myself – it’s an absolute honour to have been invited, so, I just want to extend a huge thank-you to everyone at the BACD who believes in me as a speaker and an educator. I will ensure I make my session as engaging as possible; and I can’t wait to see everyone there.

BACD 18th Annual Conference 2022
On The Shoulders Of Giants
10-12 November
ICC Wales, Newport

Visit www.bacd.com for details and to register