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Matthew Hancock new UK Health Secretary

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Cabinet reshuffle and resignations see Matthew Hancock replace Jeremy Hunt

Following a sudden burst of resignations over Brexit strategy the BDA has responded to news that Matthew Hancock is to replace Jeremy Hunt as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

The Association had recently sought clarity from Mr Hunt, over the place of primary care and prevention within the NHS70 birthday spending pledge. It will be seeking the same assurances from Mr Hancock, claiming the new Secretary of State needs to tackle the “missing piece in healthcare strategy”.
BDA Chair Mick Armstrong said: “Failure to offer a credible costed plan for oral health is piling pressure across the NHS, most clearly illustrated by tooth decay’s status as the number one reason for child hospital admissions.

“We had asked Mr Hunt to clarify if any of the recent spending boost would actually be put to work where it could achieve greatest effect and lasting change through prevention and public health.

“This profession has serious questions, and Mr Hancock, his successor, will have to provide answers on whether dentistry will remain the missing piece in healthcare strategies.”

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