Krishan Joshi Elected Foundation President

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Krishan Joshi elected President of Mouth Cancer Foundation

On 19th January, Krishan Joshi was elected President of The Mouth Cancer Foundation Board of Trustees. Krishan takes over the unpaid day-to-day running of the charity from his father, Charity Founder, Dr Vinod Joshi, who remains as Chairman.

Krishan is the Founder & CEO of Dental Focus Marketing, which he established in 2001 at the London School of Economics (LSE) whilst gaining a BSc in Accounting & Finance.

The very first website design that Krishan worked on was for his father Dr Vinod Joshi’s hospital-based ‘Restorative Dentistry Oncology Clinic’ (RDOC), which would soon become hugely successful and be registered as the charity now known as the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

Together, as father and son, they were passionate about spending days and all-nighters over the many years creating the best website community for mouth, head and neck cancer patients.

Krishan says “I am honoured to be taking on this role as President for the next three years because I believe in growing the core values that were instilled by my father from the very beginning. The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a pioneering organisation helping people through their mouth, head and neck cancer journey - ‘at point of need’.

“We have put in place a fantastic, hands-on team of Trustees and Ambassadors to support my vision and goals. Together, I am looking forward to this next chapter in growing the charity’s value and impact.”

From its beginnings in 2004 when the charity was registered, Vinod has grown the Mouth Cancer Foundation into a significant charity player in the field of head and neck cancer. This year marks the 14th Annual 10Km Mouth Cancer Awareness Walk.

He has worked to raise awareness about the signs, symptoms and risk factors of all head and neck cancers – saving and improving the quality of thousands of lives in the process – while also advising both patients, professionals and the general public in the vital areas of screening and early detection.

During the recent annual general meeting the charity also voted in more Trustees as follows:

Dr Geeta Perks - Co-Founder, Trustee
Dr Mahendra Bulabbhai Patel - Trustee
Natalie Kolf - Trustee
Mr Mahesh Kumar - Trustee & Clinical Ambassador
Dr Philip Lewis - Trustee & Clinical Ambassador

The charity has thanked the retiring Trustees for their "Dedication and hard work during the past 15 years".

For full details regarding ‘Who is Who’ and what they do at the Mouth Cancer Foundation visit and