Dr Peter Sanders named UK Ambassador for intraoral welding

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DR PETER Sanders has been named the first UK Ambassador of the intraoral welding concept, a ground-breaking new method of implant placement based on a resistance spot-welding principle.

Dr Sanders was awarded the title of ‘UK Ambassador’ following scrutiny from Dr Marco Degidi, who has researched and developed the intraoral welding method over the last two decades.

Dr Degidi (of Bologna, Italy) reviewed several of Dr Sanders’ cases before approving and commending his use of the advanced technique. Following his approval, Dr Degidi declared Dr Sanders the first UK Ambassador of intraoral welding. This title follows Dr Sanders becoming the first dentist in the UK to practise the technique in 2013.

The intraoral welding method − developed in association with DENTSPLY’s WeldOne Concept and welding unit − enables the immediate loading of a fixed prosthesis supported by an intraorally welded titanium framework. The welding technique depends upon titanium materials being joined together through pressure and heat produced using an electrical current. The concept has proven to shorten treatment time and increase precision, in the process improving the overall success rate of implant placements.

Globally, very few implantologists have received the training they need to practise the intraoral welding technique, however the concept has already proven to be of great interest to dentists across the globe. Dr Sanders’ role as UK Ambassador allows him to train and mentor those wishing to practise the new method of implant placement.

Dr Sanders said: “It is a great pleasure to be named the first UK Ambassador for the intraoral welding concept. To learn a ground-breaking technique is one thing, to master it is another. To be recognised and invited to train others is both exciting and flattering − furthermore it offers me the motivation to excel in this particular field.”

DENTSPLY intends to develop up to five training centres for intraoral welding and the WeldOne Concept across the UK and Ireland, of which Dr Sanders’ practice, “Dental Confidence” in Southampton, will be the first.