Kick Start Sobriety: Aiding addicted dentists

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Kick Start Sobriety: New eight-week online course to help dentists struggling with alcohol/drug addiction

The UK’s leading sobriety coach, Dr Bunmi Aboaba founder of The Sober Advantage is today launching her first online course and support system for dentists struggling to give up alcohol and/or drugs, and those wanting to achieve a life free from addiction. 

Many alcoholics and addicts don’t want to join a group and share their stories – they want privacy and to be able to work at overcoming their addiction in the comfort of their home own. Although the traditional 12-step programme works brilliantly for some people it’s not for everyone. After all, we’re all different.

The eight-week ‘Kick Start Sobriety’ course is based on Bunmi’s own experience as a Dentist and of overcoming addiction. She employs a variety of techniques to help her clients, all of which she has used herself to help her gain her sobriety and remain sober for 10 years. See: 

Before launching The Sober Advantage, Dr Aboaba was a registered dentist and has over 30 years’ experience – hence her ability to understand the stresses and triggers for dentists with addiction issues.

The course covers both the mental and physical aspects of addiction including:

•Motivational techniques to keep you on track as you embark on what will, undoubtedly, be a challenging journey
• Nutritional and cellular mapping to allow appropriate nutritional adjustments to aid a healthy recovery
• Energy Management techniques to help reduce stress and allow you to continue with your day-to-day life while at the same time beating your addiction
• Craving control techniques – you will crave the substance you are addicted to, and these techniques will help you to curb those cravings and not allow them to get the better of you
• Getting rid of negative thoughts – this is an important part of the process as many addictions stem from, and/or cause a cycle of negative, self-loathing thoughts
• Managing expected and unexpected situations that may lead to relapse – for example how to deal with social situations or a special event where everyone else is drinking, or how to deal with a traumatic situation where the ‘easy’ solution would be to reach for the substance that takes your mind off it
• Dealing with sudden crisis – what do you do if you really feel you can’t stay ‘on the wagon’? What if it all gets too much?
• Ways of breaking routine – often an addiction is embedded in your routine; for example, you always have a glass of wine when you get in from work. Breaking your routine can help to break the addiction, so how do you do this and still maintain the responsibilities in your life (work, family, etc.)

At the end of the eight weeks you will:
• Have freedom from addiction
• Feel comfortable in your own skin
• Be running towards life with open arms instead of running away from it
• Have more vitality and energy
• Become excited about the simpler things in life
• Have improved relationships – both personal and professional
• Feel healthier and be healthier
• Have increased resilience
• Feel a passion for life again
• Have increased self esteem

Kick Start Sobriety also includes full email support from Dr Aboaba.

Dr Paula Wells, consultant Oncologist at Barts Hospital says: “There is increasing awareness of alcohol and substance abuse in the medical profession where it is recognised that professionals find it difficult to reconcile their situation and seek help. The personalised mentorship and online programme offered by The Sober Advantage could transform the experience of professionals battling with addiction.”

For more information see: 

Photo by Zachariah Hagy on Unsplash