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The MiSmile Network and Invisalign – stars in perfect alignment

Dr Sandeep Kumar is more than just an Invisalign convert. Since qualifying in India and arriving in the UK in the year 2000 he has gone from becoming an associate dentist in 2003 to treating his first four Invisalign patients in his own clinic in 2007 to the present day. Sandeep is now a Diamond Provider who has personally undertaken over 2000 Invisalign cases.

He is a vocal enthusiast for his art, and something of an evangelist. In 2015 he launched the MiSmile Network, the fastest growing network of Invisalign specialists and GDPs in the UK with 60 members to date and scope for more. However, MiSmile members get more than lead generation and information sharing – they get a guarantee of exclusivity, more of which later.

“Lead generation and brand awareness through smart marketing is just the beginning of the MiSmile story,’ Sandeep explains. “Equally important is your team’s ability to convert the lead to a profitable treatment – and even more vital is the journey your patient takes towards their beautiful new smile and functional occlusion.”

MiSmile Operations Director Cat McLennan takes up the story. “The MiSmile Network is not just a lead generation programme, although the marketing is very firmly in place. We also provide the essential sales and communication training and dedicated technology to the dental team that help convert a lead or enquiry to a confirmed booking.”

Part of this process involves a specialist plug-and-play program called DenGro, which helps avoid dropping leads into the “Black Hole” that swallows so much paperwork in a busy dental practice. DenGro is new to the UK and will receive its own coverage in a detailed article later this week.

Over 10,000 Invisalign cases since 2015

Cat continued: “We don’t expect our members to compete with each other so each MiSmile practice gets exclusivity in their area. This makes them feel more like a community, a family of like-minded practitioners who are willing to support each other and share ideas and discoveries.

“The best performing member practice experienced some 1,120% increase in Invisalign treatments over a two-year period, the average is closer to 300%, and this is due to putting the right factors: The right person + the right time + the right message + through the right communication channels = A positive outcome (successful treatment).

“The system is proven to work. Since 2015 our 60-member practices have collectively performed over 10,000 Invisalign treatments. The leads are generated by tailoring the marketing message to the demographic. Practices in rural areas are not like high-street, city-based practices, the North is different to the South, the East is different to the West, and Central London makes its own demands. A one size fits all approach would fail.

“Marketing specialists estimate that it takes between 9-14 targeted messages to convert a person’s interest to a confirmed sale, and such saturation can be tough to achieve for an individual practice. MiSmile and Invisalign branding works to reinforce the practice’s unique selling points, and MiSmile works to provide practice branded material for local marketing.”

Cat insisted that the MiSmile Network is not interested in acquiring member practices, it simply wants to create a community of profitable members who can take the desire for straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile and profitably provide an effective alternative to braces.

MiSmile also has a unique relationship with Align Technology, meaning discounted lab work for members and enhanced marketing support from a very clued-in team who understand the promotional process.

She said: “People respond to different messages through different media, some like emails, others prefer social media, some listen to local media or just drop-in to the practice and make enquiries because they’ve seen local information boards. But once they make the enquiry the next level of MiSmile training comes into play, practice team training.

“From front of house communication and replying to the first telephone enquiry to surgeon confidence in their ability to provide the correct treatment and deliver the perfect outcome, every level of communication is crucial to successfully delivering the right message – and it’s about more than just being nice to people, it’s about motivation and confidence.

“Confidence means sales training, understanding what patient service means, knowing how to communicate effectively both face-to-face and on the telephone, overcoming objections without seeming aggressive, clarifying the pricing structure and finally closing the negotiation with a confirmed booking.

“But what happens if the practitioner is out of their depth? We provide members with access to our Clinical Director who is on hand to review ClinChecks or help with midcourse corrections and troubleshooting. Members can also take advantage of our Treatment Planning Service – which helps save valuable time and money. They will both advise about and assess patient suitability and help plan and modify ClinCheck set-ups.”

Cat concluded: “Invisalign’s goal is to become the standard of care in orthodontics replacing metal braces and leading the market for clear aligner systems worldwide, MiSmile is part of that success. It is already going global with members in India and Austria. We invite practices who wish to share that success to find out more.”

To discover more visit https://mismile.co.uk/join/?utm_source=press-180627  

Image captions:

(Top) l-r Dr Sandeep Kumar, Russ from DenGro, Dr Erika Schoeman, a MiSmile member dentist, and Cat McLennan

(Text) The rise in the number of cases treated by Dr Kumar, note the spike since 2014