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Sparkle Dental Labs: At the top of the curve

Dental technology is moving forward at a rapid rate, so keeping abreast of the latest news and innovations is important.

Understanding this, Sparkle Dental Labs is dedicated to using only the most cutting-edge technologies available to ensure the highest quality restorations.

The lab has recently introduced a dedicated CAD/CAM suite that it uses to communicate with its on-site surgery and instantly send scans over to create restorations without delay. Furthermore, the lab is also committed to exploring 3D printing and its uses in dentistry and has tested a large array of 3D printers and new materials in order to ensure that the field is moving forwards.

By using both 3D printers and a CAD/CAM suite as educational materials, Sparkle Dental Labs is passionate about educating staff and students in regards to these new technologies, helping to pave the way to a brighter, faster future of restorations.

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