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COLTENE acquires SciCan and MicroMega to enhance its portfolio. Dental Review discovers more...

Since its inception, COLTENE has grown extensively over the years; most recently acquiring two significant companies with strong positions in the dental market. The first, SciCan, is a renowned provider of infection control and sterilisation solutions to more than 100 countries around the world. The other company is MicroMega, a manufacturer of tooth preservation products including root canal preparation instruments and filling materials.

In a statement the company said: "This transaction has not only strengthened COLTENE’s market reach and product range but also created synergy potential and enhanced its offering in infection control and endodontics. Moving forward, COLTENE is also in a better, stronger position to address compliance and regulation standards, which will in turn help dental practitioners to improve standards and treatment outcomes. This has always been COLTENE’s aim and is what has driven the company to become a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of dental instruments, materials and small equipment."

Today, COLTENE offers a broad range of quality solutions within its extensive portfolio of products. These include restorative and prosthetic materials, endodontic and rotary instruments, infection control consumables, ultrasonic cleaning units, and treatment auxiliaries – all of which have been produced to the highest specifications.

All COLTENE products are created with a focus on compatibility and usability so that they work in harmony with one another to produce outstanding clinical outcomes. This not only allows practitioners to rest assured that their patients will receive the very best standard of treatment possible but allows them to work at the top of their game.

Dr Shahram Mirtorabi, Principal Dentist at Hindley Dental Practice recently said: “In today’s dentistry, keeping abreast of the latest techniques, skills and materials is essential to achieving quality restorative outcomes. That’s why I use BRILLIANT EverGlow® by COLTENE. The universal composite is ideal for both anterior and posterior restorations, available in a variety of shades, and can be applied effectively using layering techniques – to me, it ticks all the boxes.”

BRILLIANT EverGlow next generation universal composite with submicron barium glass fillers and pre-polymerised fillers, is just one of the many materials chosen by practitioners looking for top results.

The ROEKO GuttaFlow® bioseal that actively supports regeneration for long-lasting, quality results is amongst the favourites, as is the HyFlex™ EDM NiTi 5th generation root canal file, which exhibits a 700 per cent higher fracture resistance than other NiTi files.

When asked what he thought about the files, Dr Reginald O’ Neill said: “Between the winning combination of improved security, cutting efficiency and relative simplicity for root canal preparation, HyFlex™ EDM is truly a Nitinol fist in a velvet glove! I would definitely recommend to others.”

COLTENE “second to none”

Mark Allen, General Manager in the UK and Ireland, applauds his team. He explained: “To ensure consistent results and quality assurance, COLTENE invests a significant amount of its proceeds into research and development every year and works closely with a number of universities as well as private and public dental research institutes in the areas of scientific research and materials science.

“Together with its cutting-edge development facilities in Cuyahoga Falls (Ohio, USA), Langenau (Germany) and Altstätten (Switzerland) – which are equipped with the latest technologies and equipment – COLTENE has made remarkable headway in the development of state-of-the-art solutions.”

He continued: “None of what COLTENE has achieved would have been possible without the knowledge and expertise of its accomplished personnel. COLTENE is renowned for both its outstanding commitment to customer care, education and training and for providing an exceptional service across the board.

“The level of support the dental team receives from COLTENE is recognised as second to none and is all down to the company’s extensive presence throughout all geographical areas in the UK. Only last year we appointed a new sales manager for Essex and East London, Shah Monnan, and a manager for Ireland, Nicholas O’Keeffe, to reach a wider market. At the start of 2018 we took on Chris Nolan to cover the North East.

“Making up the rest of the stellar sales managerial team is Helen Wilson who is based in Scotland, Debi Boynton in North England, Emma Gilks in the West Midlands and North Wales, and Darshika Modi in North London. COLTENE is also pleased to have among the team a number of long-serving members.

“These include: Tony Tarrant who covers South London and the South Coast and has been with COLTENE for 21 years; Sue Robins of 20 years in the East Midlands; and Wayne John in the South Wales and West Country who is now in his 14th year.”

Mark Allen sums his company up: “If the old adage ‘you’re only as strong as your team’ is true, there can be no doubt that these people put COLTENE at the head of the pack – and it will remain so for many years to come as the company continues to go from strength to strength. We are a growing company leading the way in our field.”

For more information about products available from COLTENE – or to get in touch with your local regional sales manager – visit , email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01444 235486