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Cancer Central integrates Sparkcentral communication technology

Cancer Central, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping those affected by cancer find essential information from a single source, has today (28th January) announced that it will be integrating Sparkcentral’s communication technology to its centralised cancer platform.

The digital platform’s collaboration with the Belgium- and San Francisco-based software company will enable people in the UK to contact a host of cancer-related businesses directly, via popular channels such as web chat, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Cancer Central’s CEO, Avril Chester (top) founded the company in 2018 after surviving breast cancer in 2015/2016. During her treatment, she attempted to arrange a visit to buy a hat, only to discover that cancer products, services and support was scattered all over the internet.

“There was no one centralised place that signposted to everything we or those close to us would likely need,” Chester explained. “Even if we knew what we were looking for, there were products and support we didn’t know existed and therefore never found.

“I couldn’t help thinking that going through cancer was difficult enough without having to do a slew of research. So, I created Cancer Central to wind all the threads around one common spool, a concept we’ve dubbed Cominovation [community + innovation].”

Though still in its infancy, the newly launched site aims to be a comprehensive and personalised digital directory, a centralised source of cancer information from point of diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond.

Chester continued: “We want Cancer Central to provide as many people as possible with the products and services that they need. We hope to accomplish this by partnering with solution providers such as Sparkcentral to offer our customers the best in available technology.

“We’re thrilled that Sparkcentral’s technology will allow us to make the process of finding support and purchasing cancer services even easier for our users.”

Cancer Central’s partnership with IBM Watson and TechFINIUM created “Ask Ave,” a digital assistant that employs conversational search to customise information based on geography and cancer type. Now, the organisation’s collaboration with Sparkcentral provides a direct way for users to contact cancer-related companies via popular communication channels.

According to the most up-to-date statistics released by the UK’s Office of National Statistics, there were 303,135 registered cancer patients in 2016. Most prevalent among men 65-years of age and older, the disease’s most commonly reported cases are breast (15.2%), prostate (13.4%), lung (12.7%), and colorectal (11.5%).

Sparkcentral’s VP of Product Marketing, Tobias Goebel, said: “It isn’t always easy for people to speak about health matters with others, so messaging is a natural fit. Sparkcentral’s goal was to create a single, easy-to-use communication platform for the in-demand channels that people are already using to contact their family and friends.

“We’re excited to see how Cancer Central’s integration of our software will benefit those who are fighting the disease.”

Research indicates that non-voice communication, including text and messaging apps, are on the rise. According to industry expert ContactBabel, 29% of UK Millennials are willing to use automation and self-service technology, verses only 9% of Baby Boomers.

They’re also more likely to gravitate toward web chat and other agent-supported digital channels in situations that involve high levels of complexity, urgency, and emotion. This supports Sparkcentral’s own findings, which indicate that people around the world spend 38% of their mobile time on social media and 33% on text messages.

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