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Dentsply Sirona presents Primescan, Surefil one and more

Dentsply Sirona is presenting its latest digital impressions and filling treatment at the IDS 2019 with Primescan and Surefil one, as well as new products, concepts and solutions for nearly all areas of dentistry ‒ from endodontics and implant dentistry to orthodontics.

Don Casey, Chief Executive Officer at Dentsply Sirona, explained: "Our goal is to develop indispensable and ground-breaking products for the everyday routine in practice and lab and therefore make work even more successful and enjoyable for our customers."

He described the company's focus on new and further developed product solutions for dentistry: "We want to give dental professionals real added-value with digital technologies that can be easily integrated and are an intelligent improvement in their routine workflows."

Primescan, Suresmile, and Cercon xt ML

With Primescan, Dentsply Sirona’s new intraoral scanner, the scan can be carried out very quickly, easily, and accurately ‒ as demonstrated in a recent study [1].

Because the system is open, the scan data can be used to produce restorations in-house or by the lab – or for the digital production of SureSmile endodontic aligners. The scan can be combined with a 2D X-ray and a photo of the patient.

The aligners are planned and produced using a digital, Cloud-based software platform based on the proven SureSmile technology, which simplifies and speeds up the CAD CAM process.

The company has also expanded its millable materials portfolio to include Cercon xt ML, an extra-translucent, multilayer zirconia with a natural-looking colour gradient that needs no staining. Its "True Color Technology" means Cercon xt ML ensures optimal colour reliability in the classic VITA colors, and can be processed with the same sintering programs and times as the more familiar Cercon ht and Cercon xt.

Surefil one and TruNatomy

Surefil one (top) is an innovative filling concept for the posterior teeth region. A self-adhesive, robust restoration material that combines the simplicity of a glass ionomer with the stability of a conventional composite it also has good aesthetic properties.

With Surefil one dentists can treat a cavity in just one layer, without adhesives or retentive preparation, and is indicated especially when there are clinical, time, or financial factors that limit the definitive restoration of a tooth by using a composite.

Dentsply Sirona’s TruNatomy is the new complete solution for dentine preservation in endodontics – from glide path to obturation. The new slim design of the files features an eccentric cross section and two cutting edges. This allows dentists to work safely while preserving more substance.

The instrument adapts to the root canal better and removes dentine only where clinically necessary, thus preserving more of the remaining tooth anatomy. The TruNatomy system is claimed to “improve endodontic treatments and create genuine added-value for dentists and patients”.

Innovations for implant dentistry

Dentsply Sirona has two new products for implant dentistry – Acuris and Azento. Acuris provides a retention that is removable for the dentist but fixed for the patient.

The spokesperson explained: “The Acuris system is based on a conometric concept that uses friction instead of a screw or cement to secure the crown and the cap to the abutment in the final prosthetic part of the implant treatment.
With Acuris, placing the final crown takes seconds rather than minutes—you only need to click once to place the crown with the unique Fixation Tool.”

They continued: “The Azento is the latest digital implant workflow solution that streamlines the implant planning, purchasing and delivery for single tooth replacement. It includes all components and instruments necessary to carry out implant treatment ‒ including a surgical guide, a Dentsply Sirona implant (Astra Tech Implant System EV and Xive), and a custom healing abutment.”

Chief Segment Officer Bill Newell concluded: "Crucial product developments are always made in close collaboration with dentists or dental technicians. Working with our partners in practices and labs makes us so much more innovative as a company.

"It is important to us that practices and labs can work efficiently with our products and experience an added value every day. We support them in this, for example, with product demonstrations and an unparalleled offering of training courses. Customers and partners can rely on Dentsply Sirona and trust our innovative strength – today and especially in the future."

[1] Mehl, A. et. al., Accuracy of complete- and partial-arch impressions of actual intraoral scanning systems in vitro, Int J Comp Dent 2019; 22(1):11-19, March 2019.

Due to different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.