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J&S Davis, a reputation for quality dental professionals can trust

The J&S Davis (https://js-davis.co.uk/) story began back in 1908 when it was co-founded by brothers Joel and Solomon Davis. From the very beginning, it has focused on supplying top-of-the-line dental materials and products, staying within the family throughout the decades.

Demonstrating the company’s long-term commitment to innovation is its SOLO range of single-use solutions. Introduced in the 1960s, it put J&S Davis at the forefront of disposal dental needles and impression trays, and that ethos of supporting the dental profession with products that add value and improve efficacy of treatments has been maintained.

“In continually providing an array of industry-leading materials, J&S Davis has developed a reputation for quality that dental professionals can trust,” says Managing Director, Daniel Davis (top).

“Practitioners know they can order any products we stock and have complete confidence in the value they will receive. They never have to worry about whether the solutions will do what they need them to do, because they know we only supply the best in the market.”

Industry-leading solutions

Over the past 20 years, the company has added new product ranges that are widely acknowledged as industry-leading solutions. These include the LM portfolio of instruments, with the most recent LM-Arte instrumentation designed for fine aesthetic work.

The Panavia range of adhesive resins by Kuraray – encompassing the hugely popular Panavia V5 – is also available, featuring the manufacturer’s original MDP monomer for optimal bond strength and durability. This is complemented by Clearfil Universal Bond Quick from the same manufacturer, facilitating an effective restorative workflow.

Among other product lines of note are the bone management systems and diamond-tipped instruments from Meisinger, a leading German manufacturer known for its innovative designs. The most recent addition to the impressive J&S Davis portfolio is the Curasept ADS (Anti Discolouration System) mouthwash, which is unique in that it minimises staining while affording all the benefits of chlorhexidine on plaque control.

In terms of equipment, J&S Davis offers portable solutions from leading manufacturer BPR Swiss. Already popular among the armed forces, these mobile dental units will likely become more integral for general dental care as the demand for domiciliary services grows with the ageing population.

Daniel explains how the company chooses which brands to introduce: “When existing suppliers offer new products, we often add them to the portfolio because we already know our manufacturers maintain the highest standards. When we come across new suppliers and products, we test them to ensure their reliability.

“We involve a small group of dentists to trial the products and provide honest feedback. We know we can learn a lot from our customers and appreciate their collaboration, as this helps shape our decisions on what to stock.

“As part of our dedication to supplying the very best solutions for modern practitioners, we will only ever stock one type of each product. We aim to always find and provide the best solution in each category. If it’s a crowded marketplace, we wouldn’t launch a new product into that area unless it is unique.”

Strong industry connections and service to match

Danial continues: “We work with all dealers in the UK, provided they are established and have an infrastructure that ensures our products are looked after in the journey to the dentist or dental hygienist. Our sales teams work together, and someone from J&S Davis will routinely visit each supplier in person to help maintain a good working relationship.

“Our small size means we can adapt to and work differently with each dealer. We can also make changes relatively quickly, helping ensure that we find the most productive way to work together for the benefit of our clients.”

Practitioners can order products sold by J&S Davis through their preferred dental supplier. You can also contact J&S Davis directly, as they will process the order via your chosen dealer on your behalf. Either way, you can rest assured that you’ll get solutions you can rely on.

Daniel adds: “We have regular meetings with and training for our sales team. Knowledge is key and I believe that Steve Brown and our sales team are among the best in the UK for product knowledge.

“Cheryl Haggerty, Customer Services Coordinator, is also highly experienced – she knows our products inside out and has a great relationship with many of our customers. Cheryl and our team are always on hand to answer queries about product handling or storage, for example. We are here to make practitioners’ lives as easy as possible.”