DentalAir: What to do When Warranties Expire

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DentalAir for effective air compressor protection beyond warranties

Dental equipment is expensive. Depending on the type of system you’re purchasing, it’s likely that buying a new piece of technology for your practice is a major investment that needs careful consideration. But what happens when you’ve owned something for a few years and the warranty is running out? You need a contingency plan so that important equipment doesn’t let you and your patients down.

You’ll be familiar with warranties – everything from your dishwasher at home to the imaging technology in your practice will have had one. They are effectively a post purchase promise from the manufacturer to replace any system if it should stop working during a specified period of time, giving you the peace of mind for a few years. But, inevitably, warranties do run out.

Extended warranties

Extended warranties are a sort of safeguard that people can usually opt for when, or soon after, they originally purchase the equipment in question. These protect a product for a while longer, but are not available to purchase if the original warranty has already run out.

It is a good idea to consider this, but if it’s too late and your warranty has already come to an end, there are still plenty of options.


Insurance policies spring to mind when you want to guarantee that your equipment is protected. The type of policy you’ll want to look for will ideally be a contents insurance package that includes specialist equipment. These policies tend to include the basic protection of expensive equipment – but this will be just monetary cover in case of accident, and some insurance policies may have loopholes which mean that certain breakdowns/equipment failures won’t be covered.

This will leave you out of pocket and still needing your equipment repaired or replaced. Insurance can also take time to pay out, and while in some cases this may not be a significant problem, for vital equipment this will not be a viable option, making it a good idea to consider other ways to protect equipment past its warranty date while keeping insurance as a back-up.

Maintenance and making a saving

The mantra “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is certainly applicable to dental equipment. If prevention is better than cure for patients, then maintenance is better than repair for the essential equipment you use. Regular servicing is a smart way to avoid breakdowns and any sudden huge financial outgoings as a result.

Unfortunately, even with the best maintenance, accidents and breakdowns can still happen, so, what about investing in a maintenance and breakdown cover policy? But wait, although many of these dual benefit services exist, it’s important to look closely at what’s on offer to ensure your equipment is receiving the protection it really needs.

For example, does the company with which you have your policy provide a swift, nation-wide breakdown service in the case of emergencies? You need to weigh up the practicalities alongside the extra expenditure and convenience.

Do the best for your air compressor with DentalAir

Unique breakdown and maintenance cover packages are always worth looking into. For your air compressor, why not choose the AirCare Adoption Programme from DentalAir? This one-of-a-kind package removes the stress from maintaining your essential air compressor, and covers all air compressors, even those with an expired warranty.

Starting at just £9.50 a month, this cover package ensures your air compressor is kept compliant and in good working order. It also means that DentalAir’s swift, national team of engineers are on call in case of a breakdown – so you don’t have to worry about it being out of action for long.

Choose protection that suits you

Every piece of equipment has a different priority. For vital systems such as your air compressor, it’s always best to choose protection which helps prevent breakdown as much as possible, and that can provide repairs swiftly and stress-free.

For more information, please contact DentalAir at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 975 7530

Photos by Icons8 team and JESHOOTS.COM on unsplash