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GPDQ launches new COVID-19 Workplace Health Service

GPDQ, the UK’s leading employer healthcare service, has today (7th July) announced the launch of its new Workplace Health for COVID-19, to help UK employers return staff to work safely and mitigate against future illness. The service launches amidst further easing of lockdown and with UK employers exposed to liability if they don’t alleviate the risks for employees returning to the workplace.

With government and public health guidance on how employers can return staff to work constantly evolving, and with a lack of bespoke approaches for different industries, regions and business sizes, the service has been developed as a long-term solution to the risk of illnesses such as COVID-19 spreading in the workplace.

The service is tailored to each partner organisation with four care offerings:

1. Comprehensive Risk Assessment for individual employees
2. Antibody and Antigen Testing
3. Physical Health Assessments delivered in person by qualified nurses and GPs
4. Test and Trace Action Plan

Enhanced services include regular GP clinics, flu vaccinations, occupational health, mental health services and physiotherapy. These can be delivered on-site, in-clinic or remotely.

Beyond helping with the immediate risks of COVID-19, the service has been developed to proactively reduce the costs of absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace more generally. GPDQ client return data has found that for every £1 spent on an employee’s wellbeing, employers can expect a return of £5.

The service is currently estimated to achieve a reduction in absenteeism of more than 40% for corporate clients. It is estimated that workplace sickness costs the UK economy more than £77 billion annually, with the flu alone accounting for more than £30 billion.

The ONS found more than 140 million working days were lost to sickness in 2018, equating to 4.4 days per worker, and the same report found that the most common reason for absence was preventable illnesses such as flu.

Paul Roberts, CEO of GPDQ, said of the launch: “COVID-19 has not only fundamentally changed the way we live and work, but has also upended the ways in which we assess health risks and deliver GP services.

“Our combination of innovative technology and carefully managed in-person consultation is the ideal response to this shift, and we’re well placed to support businesses in the UK; both in getting the economy back moving this year, and in reducing illness in the workplace longer-term.”

Dr Anshumen Bhagat, Chief Medical Officer at GPDQ and practicing NHS GP, added: “Many of the illnesses we pick up in the workplace, particularly in office environments, can be prevented through effective risk management.

“To do so, it’s important that each individual’s health, lifestyle and circumstances are taken into account, to give a much more personalised overview of potential risk across the workforce. By assessing this risk more proactively, and providing tests and consultations, we can ensure a healthier and more productive workplace for our clients.”

GPDQ aims to negate many of these issues through regular check-ups, testing and individual risk assessments. Central to the new service are individualised risk assessments, which measure and analyse risk of illness based on a range of factors include the person’s current health, medical history, lifestyle, mental health, home environment and daily commute.

GPDQ is a rapidly growing healthcare technology company which offers GP consultations, physiotherapy, mental health, health checks, blood tests, referrals, prescriptions and vaccinations across the UK. The business recently raised more than £2 million in funding to support its commercial growth.

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