Colosseum Dental UK: Finding the Right Balance

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Colosseum Dental’s Mike Clare: “The scales have tipped – time to find a new balance”

COVID-19 remains a very big part of our lives. It will most likely influence our way of life for years yet to come – though hopefully not so directly as time goes on. How we organise our finances, how much we travel and who we stay in contact with might be changed permanently, as, it seems, will the way we view our careers.

It is estimated that nearly 200,000 British jobs have been lost since the crisis began, not including international job cuts from companies who have not reported UK-specific job losses. Reduced job security and adjustments to priorities have inspired people to change their work life.

According to an Aviva study in late 2020, over half the UK workers surveyed were planning to make a change to their careers over the following 12 months. Amongst the most popular career aspirations was “flexibility”.

People show more interest in working from home than ever before. They want to avoid contact with colleagues in an enclosed space and spend more time with family. And it has become abundantly clear across several industries that this business model is not only viable, but can also be advantageous.

Even so, working from home is not possible for the vast majority of people working in the dental profession. But the appeal of greater flexibility and a change in career ambitions have both become more prevalent. Having long been as dedicated to our people as we are to our patients, Colosseum Dental UK offers an ideal environment for people looking for a fresh perspective. Put simply, we care more.

Job security

It’s important to highlight that, thus far, Colosseum Dental UK has not had to make any redundancies due to the pandemic. While other dental providers have pulled back and made cuts, we continued moving forward. We made it our mission to protect our clinicians in every way we could and introduced additional programmes to offer the critical financial support our clinicians needed, when they needed it most.

We don’t know what the future holds, but you can be confident that we will do everything we can to ensure your job security for that extra peace of mind throughout 2021 and beyond.

At Colosseum Dental UK we collaborate with our clinicians and other practice team members. We work with you to create the best possible working environment, enabling the delivery of the highest standard of patient care. We also care about your career aspirations and what you want to achieve. We will listen to your goals and then help you reach them.

Whether you wish to introduce a new community programme in your area, or you’re looking to relocate, or you seek greater flexibility in your role, our management and operations teams will work with you to make your dream a reality.

Your career aspirations will most likely include some form of skill development or expansion. You may be interested in obtaining additional skills, moving into a specialist discipline, or completing an academic qualification to consolidate your goal. Alternatively, you might want to take on new responsibilities in the clinic, to start teaching and mentoring colleagues, or to grow your referral network.

We care about helping you progress in your career the way you want to. We offer on-going training and CPD, as well as mentoring and support to help ease your journey. If you are looking for a change as you rebalance your work life, Colosseum Dental UK could be just what you need. Join the family and you’ll see for yourself how we care more.

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