Anti-aging: Botox vs Facial Treatments

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Botox vs facial treatments – which is more effective for anti-aging? A Dermoi spokesperson explains

Cosmetic non-surgical facial treatments are becoming an increasingly popular adjunct to traditional dentistry and many dental practices have added anti-aging dermal fillers, Botox, and other such options to the treatment menu. Here a spokesperson for Dermoi, a “cosmeceutical skincare platform” explores the subject in more depth.

The rise in Botox and injectable treatments on the market for skin aging prevention is at an all-time high. The Guardian reported that in the UK plastic surgeons saw a 70% increase in consultations with a demand for Botox in 2020.

Many assume that Botox is a gold-standard treatment when it comes to protecting against and reversing signs of aging, but does Botox do more than a good skincare regime when it comes to aging prevention?

Dermoi’s Chief Scientific Officer, Eve Casha, MSc Pharmaceutical Formulation has commented on the relationship between Botox and Facial treatments. She observes: “Botox procedures involve injection of a bacterial toxin, Botulinum Toxin, into the muscles of deep facial expression to cause temporary and reversible paralysis of a muscle. This is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles associated with muscle contraction.

“However, what many don’t consider is that there are many signs of aging in the skin that are not caused by muscle contractions. For example, as we age certain cell types in the skin decline in number and activity.

“In addition, it is estimated that over 80% of the aging seen on the face is from long-term exposure to UV radiation and this is what leads to majority of wrinkles, dryness, leathery texture, uneven pigmentation, and sagging appearing with age.

“Unfortunately, while there is some recent evidence that would suggest that Botox could have a temporary skin rejuvenation activity, the scientific evidence proving this concept is not complete or consistent.”

So, what is the relationship between Botox and facial treatments?

One could argue that Botox and facial treatments complement each other when it comes to age prevention. Botox can be used to target deep wrinkles associated with facial expressions, whereas advanced facial treatments using active ingredients can be used to preserve and protect the cell types within the skin tissue from age related changes.

The effects of Botox are temporary (~3-6 months), but the effects of the right facial treatments will only leave skin stronger and more protected overtime.

With the skincare market being so overwhelmed with false information, we have all felt the frustration of ineffective skincare and skin reactions caused by incorrect use of potent actives. More than ever, the need for regular check-ins with a skin expert is needed. Dermoi brings this expert to your door.

Eve Casha adds: “You do not see someone’s Botox or filler, but you always see the quality and health of skin on top. Botox is not a replacement for adequate facial treatments and effective use of active skincare.”

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