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Cut missed calls and increase new dental patient appointments with 7Connections

A dentist recently managed to reduce the number of phone calls missed in his practice from around 120 to just five a month. He did this by introducing the 7c Call Tracker, and in the process doubled his new patient appointments.

The 7c Call Tracker is an innovative solution from 7connections that reduces the number of unanswered calls and helps practices recapture the thousands of pounds that could have been lost in the past.

It also provides an easy way to assess how well your reception team deal with enquiries and help tailor their training to improve conversation rates and boost sales.

The automated system simply sends a text message to any number who’s call was unanswered, informing them that they’ll be rung back shortly. The practice also receives a message with details of the missed call and their phone number for you to ring back and ensure an outstanding service.

To dramatically cut the number of calls you miss and increase new patient appointments, discover the 7c Call tracker today.

For more information about 7connections, visit www.7connections.com.