Connecting with your patients

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PatientConnections from Welltime - connecting your dental practice with your patients

The team at Welltime knows just how important it is for you to develop a good dialogue with your patients – which is why their PatientConnections programme has been designed to allow for unprecedented levels of communications and feedback between any practice and its patients.

Easy to integrate into your existing website and simple to use, PatientConnections allows patients to leave feedback with ease – and makes that vital information available to you immediately. You will also be able to send your patients relevant articles and oral health tips to ensure they know as much about their own mouth as you do!

PatientConnections also has a dedicated Google Reviews function too, which helps put your practice on the map. You can manage your online reviews and use them to gain more visibility and enquiries.

When it comes to building a solid relationship with your patients, communication is key. Connect with them with ease through PatientConnections from Welltime. Contact the expert team today.

For more information, contact the Welltime team, visit the website at