Carol and Philip Baron on Dental Elite

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Carol and Philip Baron say, “Dental Elite: The difference a good sales agency makes to dental practice sales

Carol Baron and husband Philip recently sold their Accrington-based dental practice with the help of Dental Elite.

“Our representative was Katrina Graham, who proved to be invaluable to the process – especially in the initial stages of the sale,” says Carol. “The help of a good agent should never be underestimated, and I am happy to say that every aspect of the transaction was taken care of.

“One aspect of the sale that went particularly well was the open bidding process, as it encouraged the interested corporates that were bidding against each other to up their game. It also meant that we were able to discuss some of our terms openly, which allowed us to select the corporate that best suited our personal needs.

“After around two weeks of to-ing and fro-ing of offers and negotiations, which Katrina and Thomas Morley helped us to navigate successfully, we accepted an offer from one of the corporates that we are very pleased with.

“We would definitely recommend the services to other vendors.”

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