Dentists’ Provident dental student survey results

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Dentists’ Provident survey of dental students shows “lack of knowledge” about health and income cover

Dentists’ Provident conducted a survey in the autumn edition of the BDJ’s Student magazine to discover the views of dental students on the importance of protecting themselves.

Students from dental schools across the country returned the short survey. The overwhelming majority indicated that they saw professional indemnity insurance as the most important protection product for dentists, indicating their strong concerns over such a litigious dental world with the high chance of being sued.

Raj Rattan, Dental Director at Dental Protection said: “Working in an increasingly litigious environment is challenging, and students are right to place such a high level of importance on professional indemnity. Our data shows that a full time dentist in the UK can now expect to receive two claims over a typical career.”

This supported a concern in the survey results which was the students’ lack of knowledge and distinction between the different healthcare products of income protection, medical insurance and critical illness.

Anastasija a fourth year at Leeds dental school said: “I was surprised and delighted to win the survey prize, but also very pleased to learn more about Dentists’ Provident and the support they give dentists if they are off sick. I knew nothing about them or the work they do until I completed the survey.

“I have also learnt why income protection is so important, as it covers your living costs for as long as you are off sick, which is much more appropriate for dentists compared to critical illness that just pays a one-off payment for a specific condition.”

Dentists’ Provident and Dental Protection sponsor a number of student events throughout the calendar year, and ensure that students are aware of the importance of getting support for themselves, with professional indemnity and protection for their health and income when they graduate.

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Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash