CS R4+ From Carestream Dental: Money Matters

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CS R4+ from Carestream Dental monitors five new KPIs to drive business growth

As part of the CS R4+ practice management software from Carestream Dental, Springboard monitors five new ‘can see, can do’ KPIs to help practices measure and drive business growth.

Among these is ‘Daily revenue by provider’. This displays details of the average daily revenue generated by each practitioner throughout their assigned working days during a specific month.

The information is presented as an easy-to-read doughnut chart, with each provider shown in a different colour and the daily average for all providers combined in the centre.

A ‘Personal Data Only’ restriction can be applied by the system administrator, which prevents the logged-in user from seeing any information not relating to them.

Depending on the restrictions applied, the same feature can show the average daily NHS and private values as well.

All this enables practices to monitor revenue in real-time and see where it can be boosted for business growth.

For more information on this and the various other KPIs covered by Springboard, contact Carestream Dental today.

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