New to the UK: DenGro, the Dentists’ CRM

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DenGro the dentists’Customer Relationship Management tool

During the recent MiSmile press briefing Dental Review learned about DenGro, the “plug & play” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – specifically designed for dentists – that lifts patient liaison and lead conversion out of the “oops I lost her details” black hole and puts it firmly onto a modern footing.

Originally created as part of the MiSmile package for its members, DenGro is now out of its beta stage and is available for purchase by every practice. Its principal purpose is to convert prospects/leads to confirmed appointments, and make patients feel special by treating them as individuals.

Russ Black (above right with MiSmile Founder Sandeep Kumar) the Technical Director for the Rally Agency which developed DenGro for MiSmile, explained the benefits of the new, off-the-shelf technology:

“DenGro is simple and reliable and is so much more than an automated appointments book. It can help measure marketing success and even identify the need for staff training. It is a central dashboard for all practice leads and enquiries that makes them simple to follow up while providing a clear insight into both practice and marketing performance.

“It is a true plug & play solution specifically designed for the dental practice, simple and effective straight out of the box with nothing to install or configure. We think of it as the iPhone of business tools, because it is intuitive to use and once in operation you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.”

Originally developed for the MiSmile Network, DenGro can now be automated to meet the needs of any dental practice treatments menu and provides lead/enquiry support for front of house/reception personnel.

Record and Capture

Russ continued: “Somebody calls reception or drops into the practice and that enquiry is entered into DenGro. They will then receive a set of communications thanking them for their interest and establishing their expectations for a follow-up. If that enquiry isn’t converted into an appointment straight away a timed set of ‘nurture’ communications keep them warm until they’re ready to book.

“It has been tried, tested and trusted by hundreds of practices, and follows one simple ethos, look after your dental leads properly and you’ll increase conversions for tooth whitening, Invisalign, smile design, implants, or whatever treatments your practice has to offer. What’s more, if you offer a treatment that isn’t already in the DenGro package just let us know and we’ll craft some communications specifically around that treatment.

“Simplicity is a powerful motivator. Practices are busy places and there’s little time to learn something new. Thanks to the fact that DenGro has been developed over the last two years in partnership with dental practices it is now so easy to use that any dental team will be adding their own leads in a matter of minutes – it works for you from day one!”

Russ concluded: “Spreadsheets, post-it notes, all those little reminders that go missing are now a thing of the past. DenGro plugs into your website and digital marketing activity and automatically collects and collates leads into one central dashboard ready for anyone in the practice to follow-up.

“Fully automated, DenGro doesn’t just record, capture and manage leads, it helps collate general enquiries and referrals too. It also keeps consumer data secure and allows those enquiries, leads, and referrals to be passed to the practice and managed in accordance with GDPR legislation.

“How many leads? What’s the conversion rate? What’s your best performing marketing channel? How is your team performing? What’s your return on investment? It’s all there for you, instantly providing practice managers and principals with everything they need to make smart business decisions and help their business grow.

“Happier patients who feel more special, a happier team saving time and effort on lead conversions, better communications and easier decision making towards a more successful business, and so much more. If you wanted to put it all into one simple to use package, you’d call it DenGro.”

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