Streamline Record Keeping with myInitial

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Record-keeping: Let’s get digital with the myInitial customer portal from Initial Medical

Effective record-keeping is an essential part of managing a modern dental practice. Indeed, with litigation being a top concern for the vast majority of dental professionals, ensuring that records are watertight is now a bigger priority than ever before. But is your practice still using paper for certain records when it could go digital?

The newly revamped myInitial customer portal from Initial Medical offers information at your fingertips, and has been specifically developed to ensure you can streamline the way you manage your e-waste documentation, so that you can stay compliant, keep your documentation safe, and be sustainable.

The portal provides clear, real-time visibility for your service dates and any upcoming visits, plus it also links to your eBilling, technical product specifications and to the Initial Medical consumables webshop, meaning you can seamlessly keep in the loop with every part of your service. myInitial also assists with auditing, as the portal can be used to prove service delivery, with access to all your hazardous waste documentation and licenses provided.

Online portals and digital systems such as myInitial offer a number of important advantages over paper record keeping, especially when it comes to improving your compliance visibility. Digital systems can help ensure that all necessary documentation is automatically filled out at the point of service, helps ensure that essential documentation is not mislaid, and is easy to locate when required.

Digital system documents are available to view online, or to download and store in other places if necessary, providing further protection to keep your records safe. With just a few clicks you can instantly demonstrate that you comply with relevant guidance.

Another benefit of the digital approach is that everyone who needs access can have it anywhere, anytime. Some service portals also provide the bonus of ensuring that you are no longer beholden to customer service hours and support lines – with access provided to your records and data 24/7.

What’s more if you think about the amount of paper that physical records use, let alone the carbon footprint involved in paper production, printing inks and other aspects, it’s very clear that going paperless is an eco-friendlier option. Storing paperwork also takes up a lot of space, especially when you consider that some records need to be kept for years. A digital approach gives you the freedom to reclaim this space and be greener in your business operations.

The big advantage for digital portals and other online services such as myInitial is security. Cloud-based systems benefit from multiple layers of protection, making them the effective choice for those who want to ensure that sensitive data remains safe, and accessible only to those who should be seeing it.

Cloud-based storage also helps ensure that documentation is safe regardless of what happens. If the unthinkable should occur and your practice is damaged in a fire or a flood, then any paper records would be at risk. Cloud-based digital documents are easily recoverable, providing an extra safety net.

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