Outsourcing to Wagemate is the Answer

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Not switching off on time? Outsourcing payroll to Wagemate could be the answer

A report published at the end of August [1] said that workers need the “right to disconnect” due to an “epidemic of overtime”, caused by more people working from home. Boundaries have long been blurred though and you might be one of those people who has always been guilty of checking work emails on your days off.

Whether you’re a manager or a worker, you may have resolved to put rules and processes in place that makes clear the line between work and home. Can technology help with this? Yes, because it can allow you to get more done.
Take your payroll. This can be outsourced to a specialist who has the technology to deliver a secure and accurate payroll, every month.

Wagemate is a specialist payroll provider that will become a valued part of your team. Its solutions are fully tailored, using the latest technology to provide a range of services including BACS payments, custom reports and queries from HMRC, with all data stored securely in the Cloud. You’ll get a dedicated account manager too, for a direct point of contact.

Payroll is complex; over the last decade, there have been several changes that affect how people are paid, such as more auto-enrolment for employee pensions and the new rules for Off Payroll Working (IR35), which were introduced earlier this year. HMRC is also pushing ahead to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world.

A specialist will use technology to cut through the complexity, so everyone gets paid correctly. Also, your payroll can be scaled up easily when new people are added to the team. Whether your practice is large or small, an outsourced payroll is suitable for any-size operation because it will adapt accordingly.

The best providers such as Wagemate will use technology to save you time, so no more extended working hours. Also, if data is stored remotely, backed up to the Cloud, it will be both safe and accessible at any time. Wagemate also has a robust, tried-and-tested disaster recovery plan in place too that should ensure, whatever goes wrong, payroll will happen.

An outsourced, online payroll makes it far easier to locate historical data should an employee or HMRC, request it. Paperless working is something we will see more of, in all industries, as we aspire to do things more sustainably, being mindful of the resources we use for everyday processes. E-payslips are also possible with an online payroll.

And what could you do with this extra time? Grow your business! The year ahead will hopefully be more positive for all of us, and the focus for 2022 should be on continued growth, to support ongoing success.

To better manage your payroll, contact payroll specialists Wagemate today, call 03330 102102 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1] UK workers need right to disconnect amid ‘overtime epidemic’, says report. The Guardian, 15 August, 2021. Link: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/aug/15/uk-workers-need-right-to-disconnect-amid-overtime-epidemic-says-report (accessed August 2021).