Initial Medical’s Colour Characters

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Initial Medical’s Colour Characters: “An easy way to remember the colour code”

The Initial Medical team explains its new Colour Code Characters.

“With so many different classifications, it can be easy to make a mistake when disposing of different types of waste created in the practice. Make sure your staff know how to dispose of waste properly with the help of Initial Medical’s new Colour Code Characters.

“Designed to help practices adhere to the Department of Health’s colour coded system for best practice waste management, our new Colour Code Characters are visual aids designed to make it easier for staff to remember how waste is classified.

“There is a Character for each waste stream and they have all been designed to reflect the colours of the appropriate waste receptacles they represent, making it easier than ever for staff to remember what waste goes where.

“Find out more about how Initial Medical’s cast of Colour Code Characters can help streamline the disposal of all types of waste from your dental practice today.

“Follow us on Twitter @InitialMedical or join our Facebook page at Initial Medical UK to have your say in naming our new characters.”

For more information visit or call 0870 850 4045