PROPACS “aids compliance with GDPR”

Law & Regulation
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Kunal Shah says PROPACS from Pro Diagnostics UK offers “Protection, Efficiency and Security

“I use CBCT scanning as part of my diagnostic and treatment planning process for dental implants. Having confidence that any possible problems have been identified from the scan correctly is important for quality patient care and for my own medicolegal protection.”

Kunal Shah, Principal of LeoDental in London, shares his initial experience with PROPACS from Pro Diagnostics UK. This is an innovative new system that supports the dental practice with fast and efficient, expert dental radiology reporting.

“The system is easy to use and the reports generated are highly systematic and detailed. I simply take the radiograph, send it securely to the experts for review and receive the report within 24 hours for a very efficient process.

“Another massive benefit of the system is that it aids compliance with GDPR. This is a huge issue for dentists right now, so anything that encrypts files and keeps them safe in line with the regulation, is more than welcome!

“Ultimately, working with a specialist radiologist means I can deliver the best possible service to all of my patients. It also protects me against any potential legal issues in the future.”

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