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GDC launches Moving Upstream publication at conference in Birmingham

On 30 January 2019, the General Dental Council (GDC) published Moving Upstream at a conference attended by almost 150 people from across the dental sector. As part of the GDC’s commitment to ‘moving upstream’, as set out in Shifting the balance, the regulator said it would share and promote learning across the profession.

With the publication and event, the GDC says it has taken a significant step forward in fulfilling that promise. The regulator aims to make this an annual occurrence with the purpose of generating important ongoing learning and dialogue.

The report provides an update on progress made against some of the key commitments the regulator made in Shifting the balance and highlights its priorities for the coming year.

These include promoting professionalism, taking a new approach to CPD, strengthened working with stakeholders including students and new registrants, supporting local complaints resolution and refocusing the approach to Fitness to Practise. It also addresses several of the challenges facing the wider profession, including the UK’s exit from the EU and ending the 'climate of fear'.

Launching the report at the widely-attended conference, with panel sessions led by speakers from across the sector, the regulator’s aim was to facilitate open discussion around the key issues in the dental world. The day saw much thought-provoking debate, covering issues such as preparedness for practice, the dental team and future opportunities and challenges.

Speaking after the event, GDC Chair, Dr William Moyes, said: “One of the main reasons for today was of course to share the report, but equally important for us was to be part of a rich debate and hear the points of view which came from all sections of the audience, including from members of the public.

Since Shifting the balance, we have invested significant time and effort to enhance how we engage with all of our stakeholders, but this is the first time the GDC has produced a publication and conference like this and we are looking forward to returning next year.”

To read the report and Dr Moyes’ keynote conference address in full, visit the GDC’s website.