Flynotes: Digital Consent System

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Flynotes: The simplest fully compliant digital dental treatment consent system

We hear a lot about the digital workflow that is revolutionising dentistry at the coalface, but before the dental professional can begin the first procedure after the initial examination, compliance demands informed consent. Failure to get written agreement to your treatment plan might lead to litigation. Consent matters – by law.

Flynotes, seen at BDIA Dental Showcase, adds tailored, easily storable and fully compliant consent to the digital work stream. Founder and CEO, Dr Govin Murugachandran (above) explained the thinking behind this new initiative.

He said: “Our aim is to provide the simplest and most effective way to deliver valid, informed consent that is easily stored and tailor-made for each individual patient. Our system fits seamlessly into the professional’s clinical workflow, meaning you spend more time delivering high quality care and less time worrying about the quality of your consent.”

He continued: “Flynotes improves and simplifies communication between you and your patient. They better understand the treatment plan and retain the information more easily, to help avoid contention at a later stage. We are not all the same, so why should our consent forms comply with some dated ‘one size fits all’ protocol?

“We all have different risks and benefits for any dental procedure, and this should be written on any consent form. This is not only the ethical thing to do, it’s the law! The landmark case (Montgomery vs Lancashire) changed the way we process consent – which is why we have worked with healthcare clinicians to develop Flynotes.”

Dr Murugachandran concluded: “Flynotes has been designed for ease of use by both dental professional and patient: it is fully compliant, intuitive to use, and a powerful tool to help bring you not only peace of mind but also a happier, better informed patient.”

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