Bacon & egg man sacked

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In the outside world, beyond dentistry and beyond belief, King George’s Hospital staff in fury over bacon and egg man sacking

Staff at King Georges Hospital, Ilford, have reacted angrily to the instant dismissal of a trusted colleague. Hospital porter, Aldren Tomlinson, was told his 15-years loyal service was terminated following a misunderstanding over a £4.00 breakfast.

Local man Tomlinson, a father of three was sacked by Sodexo the facilities company at King George's Hospital for theft of company property, the breakfast. Aldren, a man of impeccable character, asked his colleagues in the staff canteen if he could pay for the breakfast later after he discovered he had left his wallet at home. The canteen staff member involved claims he did not hear Aldren properly.

Michael Dooley, the GMB local representative said, “Aldren never tried to hide what he did but it is clear this was a simple misunderstanding which the company, Sodexo, have not, in our view, dealt with proportionally.

“Aldren has a clean work record of 15 years and is now unemployed and branded a thief. It makes my blood boil when I see criminals and repeat shoplifters who do not even get prosecuted and here we have a decent bloke losing his livelihood with little prospects of new employment thanks to a misunderstanding over a four quid breakfast.

“Many of his work colleagues are demanding that the union refuse to allow the company to act so unfairly. GMB are meeting with staff to discuss the matter and decide on a course of action. Many staff who know Aldren as an honest man have reacted angrily to the company's decision to dismiss a hardworking honest colleague."