Understanding employee contracts with Goodman Grant

Recruitment & HR
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Goodman Grant explains why you might need to protect yourself from your employee's departure

Employees come and go in the inevitable process of turnover, and you must protect your practice from any risks from their departure. Do not be left at a loss when your onetime talented right-hand woman decides to set herself up as your competitor.

Your solution is individually devised employee contracts for each of your staff. These will define the essentials of their employment, including working hours, their place of employment, holidays and, importantly, the conditions of their resignation from your practice.

Giving your staff contracts is not just a goodwill gesture on your part, but the fulfilment of a legally mandated requirement. In drawing up watertight, comprehensive contracts, you need the legal acumen of dental-specific solicitors who fully understand the profession and will always look out for your best interests.

The team at Goodman Grant has built its distinguished reputation on its expert knowledge in a broad range of legal issues, including drafting contracts. They will also assist in compiling your staff handbook that defines acceptable employee behaviour, including in the new sphere of social media.

With three offices nationwide, the team can give you advice at your convenience. Contact Goodman Grant’s helpful solicitors to make sure your employee contracts pass muster.