Louise Seaton Loves Working for Rodericks

Recruitment & HR
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Rodericks offers: “Opportunity and a positive attitude

Louise Seaton has worked at Rodericks Dental for 2.5 years, starting as Area Manager and quickly progressing to Private and Specialist Manager.

“I love working for Rodericks because we all know there is a job to do, but we can have fun doing it. Head Office is friendly but focused, and there is a mutual respect between everyone there. People will go above and beyond to help you.

“For anyone looking to advance their career, Rodericks is a great place to do so! Decide what you what to achieve and give yourself enough time to do it. A positive attitude will go a long way.”

Read the rest of Louise Seaton’s blog by visiting www.rodericksdental.co.uk/blog/career-benefits-rodericks-dental