Colosseum Dental: Evolve Training

Recruitment & HR
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Tailored training for practice managers with Colosseum Dental

Colosseum Dental recently delivered the Evolve training programme designed specifically to help practice managers build their skills and confidence.

Gemma Sharman, practice manager at Bexhill Dental Practice, comments: “The training has given me confidence in areas that I find most demanding in practice and it has made me re-think how I approach certain situations with different team members. It’s been very valuable, making my journey from receptionist to practice manager a lot smoother. Without Evolve, I wouldn’t have learnt as much as I have in such a short space of time.

“I like working for Colosseum Dental because I feel like it’s a supportive team and there is always someone to guide you through anything. I like the way the company is always looking to improve and encourages feedback – good or bad. I feel like we do get listened to and that our opinions count.”

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