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Colosseum Dental: It’s time for dental nurses to fall back in love with dentistry

In any industry and any role, it is important to love what you do if you are to do it to the best of your ability. A passion for helping people and delivering care is often one of the key reasons that people become dental nurses. This is what gets you through the tough times, the long hours, the difficult patients, the PPE…

Given the additional stresses and challenges faced in the last year, it would not be surprising if you’d had moments of doubt regarding your career choice. However, with light now at the end of the tunnel, it’s crucial that you get your mojo back. It’s time to fall back in love with dentistry.

There are many benefits to really enjoying your work. Some are tangible, others are anecdotal, but all will contribute to your quality of life:

Improved physical health

Several health benefits have been associated in some way with job satisfaction, including better sleep, fewer days off sick and even living longer. The latter is often linked with the concept that happiness could help to support a healthy immune system, though more clinical research is needed to establish the exact mechanisms at work.

A Government commissioned Review in 2016 suggested that “Ensuring people have a safe, encouraging and supportive working environment will help keep them well…” So, your workplace has a lot to do with this.

Professional success

It makes sense that when you enjoy what you do, you will be motivated to do it well and to find ways of improving. You will likely be more productive and therefore achieve more within a certain timeframe.

Skill development is also enhanced when you are engaged with the topic and you appreciate the value in what you are learning. As such, your chances of truly thriving in your career and fulfilling all your aspirations are much greater.

Enhanced mental health

Particularly given recent events, maintaining your mental health has never been so important. If you find joy in your work, you are far more likely to be happy in other areas of life. One meta-analysis reviewing the links between job satisfaction and health found the largest combined statistical correlation with mental health [1].

Due to the bi-directional relationship between mental wellbeing and job satisfaction, optimising mental health in the workplace remains essential.

We care about you

At Colosseum Dental UK, we care about you. We care about creating and maintaining a great place for you to work – an environment in which you feel valued and where you have the opportunity to grow and excel. We want all our dental nurses to love what they do, so we do everything we can to support and inspire them.

This means we facilitate continuous training and education, including access to our CPD platform. Team members can gain additional skills, take on more responsibilities or diversify their daily routines to boost their job satisfaction and fulfil their potential. We also make sure there is plenty of support available to help our dental nurses perform their job roles safely and successfully.

There are clinicians or clinical advisors on hand to offer assistance with patient care or treatment, as well as a comprehensive management structure to turn to for help with administrative or organisational aspects. And our dental nurses can contact the leadership team directly if necessary, ensuring they have all the support that they need.

As part of our recent Year of the Dental Nurse, we introduced some new benefits specifically for our dental nurses as well. These included pay rises to ensure highly competitive pay and financial stability for our people, as well as the chance to earn more once additional skills have been learnt – for which we also cover the cost of training.

In addition, extended holiday entitlement is now available for those who have worked with us longer; a small token of our appreciation for their continued commitment to our patients.

Love what you do with us

If the last few months have taken the wind out of your sails, re-discover your love for dental nursing with Colosseum Dental UK. Visit the website for more details. Go to 

1] Faragher EB, Cass M, Cooper CL The relationship between job satisfaction and health: a meta-analysis Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2005;62:105-112.