"Hats off" to Dental Elite

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Pooja Capoor: "The Dental Elite recruitment process"

Pooja Capoor sought the help of Dental Elite to find her next role. She comments on her experience of the recruitment process, having worked with Dental Elite consultant, Lisa McCusker.

“Lisa knew exactly what I was looking for so as soon as a suitable position came up, she contacted me. One practice was advertising a role that fulfilled what I was seeking, hence why I accepted the position when it was offered to me. It took me three days to make this decision and another three weeks to sign the contract.

“Dental Elite has been such a great support. I was quite nervous and had mixed feelings while I was deciding on this new role. I remember that I had so many queries about the contract and the practice. Lisa relayed my concerns to the other party and all my queries were answered in no time. Even after signing the contract, Dental Elite promised to provide support before I started my new role.

“Hats off to Dental Elite for having such a great team, who are happy to help at any time.”

For more information, contact Dental Elite. Visit www.dentalelite.co.uk, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01788 545 900