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“When it came to deciding what loupes to purchase, it made sense for me to get the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes from Nuview,” says Sandra Mas Sanchis, a Dentist at Bath Spa Dentistry.

“They are renowned for quality and I had heard good things from my practice manager who also owns a pair. Now, I use the loupes for everything and I can’t work without them!

“I also have the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Light II, which provides great illumination and never needs to be used on the maximum setting.

“The service from Nuview has also been very good. When I first purchased the loupes, John Woods paid a visit to the practice to ensure that they were tailored specifically to my needs.

“I would definitely recommend the EyeMag Pro loupes – they make all the difference.”

To find out more about the Carl Zeiss products available from Nuview, contact the team today on 01453 872266, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit www.nuview.co.